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Newbie help please

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I got told by phone the results of my thyroid FNA were thy1 u5  and would be discussed at a MDT can someone help is this cancer or not searching on line is just worrying me even more thank you 

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Welcome to the online community and I'm really sorry that you've had to find your way here but you have found a place where you will meet others in a similar position to yourself and will give reliable accurate information on the test results you have received.

Being told results of tests and told that you would be discussed at a MDT meeting is all very worrying but an essential pathway to determine if or what further treatment you may require and here we enter into a waiting game whilst the wheels in the background are put into motion.

Fortunately in our Thyroid cancer group, of which I see you have already joined, we have very knowledgeable people who can guide you through the results you have received and explain more of what they mean and I'm sure one will be along shortly to answer you here or it might be an idea to repost your question directly into the Thyroid cancer group home page and start a new discussion this way the members of the group will all be aware that you have asked questions and give you answers, other members will share experiences about the time they received the initial test results and how they coped with the news.

Just cut and paste your question from here and start your own discussion.

Please stick to this forum when searching for information as you will receive first hand information whilst  unfortunately with Google we are unsure of it being factual or out of date.

Pop yourself over to the thyroid group you'll be very surprised how friendly and supportive they will be to you as they guide you along the journey you may have to face.



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