Liver lesion found 10 days after right hemicolectomy

My 89 year old father had a right hemicolectomy on 18th March. His bowel went to sleep, (ileus,) and took around 9 days before it 'woke up.' During this period, he had a nasal tube draining the secretions from his stomach every 4 hours. He was eventually given nutrients via his arm. He still has both. On Friday he went for a scan, and from this we have been told he has a lesion on his liver. He is to have an MRI scan on Monday. 

He had  a scan, on 31 December,, prior to him being considered for surgery, to ensure the cancer hadn't spread. He was given the all clear, so I'm now not only worried, but very confused. Does anyone know if there is any possibility that this might not be a secondary cancer?

  • Hi  and welcome to the Online Community, although I am sorry to see you finding us and so sorry to hear about your dads is facing - this must have been a big shock to you.

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