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Corona Virus and Postponing treatment

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Hello, Deloni,

Yes, thanks for that, it is reassuring (I actually saw it live on the telly - noticed the much increased distancing between the lecterns!).

I have one further chemo session (of four) and fifteen further weekdaily RadioT sessions (of 25).  I am due to see the oncologist next Thursday, though I may be contacted before (?).   I am hoping I will be able to carry on with this treatment plan so that statement gives me hope.  Throughout I have been terrified, having to travel to the hospital daily,  only since yesterday have the radiologists/nurses been wearing masks/aprons.

This wretched Plague is the last thing we on Chemo need.  My prognosis wasn't good, anyway (oesophagus, 50% chance of living a year),  but I was getting myself feeling hopeful as it was a very early diagnosis (pure luck).  "Pure luck" what am I saying....  Sorry, but the maniacal gallows sense of humour kicks in with me.  (For me, mood swings seem to be a symptom of a cancer diagnosis!)

Best regards

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Mood swings and humour are part of my day too, I often find myself joking about my diagnosis and some of my friends dont know how to react.. The mood swings omg i can be ok one minute then floods of tears the next.

I'm just taking one day at a time and trying to remain positive, I have accepted the fact that I'm terminal and I feel I was dealing with that really well then along comes the Virus and adds a new dimension to it all.. I'm seeing my oncologist on Monday and hope that aall my chemo sessions will still be going ahead.

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Gosh that all sounds very familiar. Accepting that you’re terminal is a tough gig and does necessitate some dark humour at times. If you want a safe place where you can let this out without fear of upsetting anyone can I suggest you join the group living with incurable cancer? It’s my safe place and I get a lot of support from the folk there who know what this is like. Here’s a link: 


Hope to see you over there and sharing that gallows humour