Biopsy results are in,awaiting a phone call and terrified


I posted on here a little while ago about a possible rare cancer in my knee. I had a biopsy 2 weeks on Friday.i called my gp surgery at 2pm today and the receptionist said the results are in but she isnt allowed to tell me.she offered a phone consultation for Friday,but I asked if I could find out sooner as my anxiety is pretty high and she said she will try to get a gp to read the results and get back to me

I'm a quivering wreck. I'm literally staring at my phone feeling sick awaiting the call,and my goodness I'm so scared. I dont really have anyone I can share my worries with apart from hubby so I have come here.i shall let you know my results 

Thankyou for reading 

  • Hi , I do remember these times very well and in reality you have no control over what is said..... but you can control what you do once you get this information - good or not so good the Community is here to help you out ((hugs))

  • Hello thehighlander 

    Thankyou for responding,yesterday was awful,the surgery didn't actually have my results,the receptionist was wrong,it was just the report from what they did 2 weeks ago tomorrow,I was then told by the receptionist that my gp told her to to tell me to chase my results,which I did and was told by the hospital that my gp needed to call pathology,anyway the surgery has told me they have now spoken to histology and they have looked on their screen and apparently my biopsy results are not ready to be reported yet? They will be this morning chasing them up and getting a date when I will know if its sarcoma or benign mass, I'm worried as the specialist who took it said 7 to 10 days,so I'm scared that it's bad news and as you say there is no control is there,its out of my hands,unfortunately I suffer from anxiety disorder so this is driving me insane with fear,dark worries and the what ifs 


  • Hi again Jo, sorry to hear the results are not ready - very frustrating but unfortunately very common and yes it truly can feed anxiety.

    You may need to look at this in a different way and this is based on 20 years having CT/MRI scans

    When scans are done the Radiologist doing the scan can actually see if there are 'obvious' and 'urgent' issues and can, if required, 'Red' light the scan so it jumps to the top of the Consultant Radiologists long long list.

    I have had both scenarios over the years with scan results taking a weeks to come back.

    At times these scan often having to go before an MDT meeting that only happens once a week. So we have developed a "No news is good news" mind set........ as is based on having had 'the' phone call the following day after a scan from my team to say "come in - now"

    I often say this on the Community to folks just like you - you do need to look at how you position yourself mentally.

    Imagine a line with Positiveness at one end --------------------- and despair at the other. You need to Stan firmer in the middle os slightly nearer to the Positive end as this does make this more manageable.

    Please come back at any time as there is always someone around - even on Christmas Day ((hugs))

  • Hi thehighlander,

    Just an update,the gp surgery has just called,apparently some of my biopsy  results are back,but not all and they have arranged for me to have a telephone call(I had the choice of telephone or go in) for jan the 15th. They said if more results came back before then they will let me know. I have to say I have such a bad feeling now, I can only imagine why I have part results,if surly they were benign I would have them all?

    Hope all is well with you:)

  • Hi again, these pathology results can take various amounts of time and often are sent to different labs..... well it was the case with me.

    Yes, they may well be rechecking something but from my point of view - it's far better to double check then to go forward not having ALL the information in place. 

    Hard to not over think this but until you have the results it is out of your hands.

    I am doing very well and do try and have a good Christmas.

  • Hi, 

    Hope you had a good xmas. I was called on dec 24th to say some results were back,but not all,and that I would have my results today jan 15th and sooner if they came in. I am awaiting the call,but the post has just arrived and I have the same procedure booked for next fri. I can only assume its inconclusive :( I really am struggling mentally now and needed a place to vent 

  • I do feel for you but this does often happen.

    I had to have 6 biopsies over 12 months before we got clear information from the pathology. Let’s look for this one to come back with clear information.

  • Thankyou Mike

    I just in my heas fear this is cancer,and the longer it takes the worse the outcome?

  • I would always advise to err on the positive side even if it's turns out to be cancer as these are more treatable than ever before.

  • Hi again,

    Just wanted to update.1st biopsy was inconclusive,end of jan I had another biopsy which came back positive for sarcoma cancer

    Today I met my surgeon,mine is a rare sarcoma,less than 100 in the uk with my type.slow growing and low grade. Plan is surgery which I have been told Carrie's risks of drop foot etc after. If it stays low grade that's it,if its upped a grade then I will need a pet scan and radiotherapy. He is amazed I found it so that makes prognosis a bit better as mine is still small. Hes arranging an ultrasound on my neck as I have another odd lump there and a neurologist as I have tremors which need a specialist diagnosis

    All quite a bit to take on really but wanted to let you know as you have always been so kind to respond 

    Hope your doing ok