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Nervous, scared and lonely.

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Appreciate most of the members are female, and I feel for your pain and fears.  I’m gay, male, HIV+, awaiting 100% confirmed cancer, but have diagnosed AIN3 and think about to start radio or chemo. ’m confused, stressed and unsure.  Had Pet CT recently and seeing oncologist soon.  Fed up of sleepless nights, crying, endless google searches, no answers and stress.  

I feel so alone, can’t seem to find any support for gay men whom are feeling so low.  I know many more are going through so much worse than I, but it’s like burrowing out of a well.  

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Hi , I’m sorry to hear your feeling low, I thought I’d pop in and say welcome to the community. I looked to see if you’d joined any groups yet, and saw you’ve joined the anal group. I thought you might also want to look at the link below to see if you can give and receive mutual support.

Best wishes


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