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Me and my stage 4 prostate cancer

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HI I am sitting here not knowing what to say my cancer has spread to my pelvic bones I am on palliative care every 3 months have blood test ct scan then see consultant this is on going last sept told my cancer is staple psa 0.17 my psa was never that high first diagnosed psa was 4.5 I am on 3 monthly hormone injections for  life told I had 2 years on oct18 had chemo only 5 sessions ended up with sepsis told chemo could possibly extend my life by 3 to 4 years why am I on here to find people same to see if any trial drugs being offered

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Hello , welcome to the online community, I’ve just read your profile and can see that MrC has been very cruel. We all feel like crying sometimes and as you say sometimes this is a good place to get those feelings out and to get the support of those who understand.

When I looked you hadn’t joined any groups yet, I was thinking that you may want to join the prostate group, click on the link, click on join group, and read any of the discussions and reply to them or start your own. 


You mentioned having palliative care so you may want to look at the group living with incurable cancer, you will find it under groups in the cancer experiences list. 

You asked about clinical trials so I found the link below for you, but you may have already found that one and want to try and reach out to other patients in the prostate group. 


Best wishes


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