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Operation imminent

Candy Cheeks
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My operation to remove my bowel tumour is imminent and it’s really scary. My husband,friends and family are very supportive and they thing I’m very strong but they don’t realise how terrified I am. The thought of coping with a stoma is my biggest worry. I know the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about so it sounds so ungrateful to worry about something that could save my life. Sorry to complain but I’m just having a bit of a meltdown today. 

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Hi Candy

I had my op. 2 months ago and although not yet entirely back to my old self, I treasure every day. The idea of a stoma was b. awful of course - who the hell would think otherwise ? Now it is simply part of my routine, takes no longer than brushing my teeth ! 

 I am now eating and drinking whatever I like. I wear the same clothes, tight fitting or not, I have been swimming even. 

I hope that helps you a little.. All good wishes x

Candy Cheeks
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Oh wow...thank you for that. I feel better already. I just worry about all the things that can go wrong. Leaks, funny noises ballooning, etc etc. I’m just having a little meltdown tonight as it gets closer. 

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Hi and welcome to the online community the place that no one wants to come to.

The fear of the unknown with regard to having a stoma hits us all pre op but once you come out of surgery with you pouch and the stoma nurses show you what it is all about you'll soon take in your stride and manage it okay.

The little things that can go wrong like the occasional leak, ballooning or even the strange noises you will soon start to laugh them off. All the problems happen for a reason and there is always a way to stop them and that is where we come in to hold your hand and give your support and advice anytime you need it. Just picture this it's a Saturday morning and you have a problem or need to ask for some advice a few lines on here will get you some solutions by the afternoon and your problem will be solved, I doubt if there will be anything you will come across that one of us hasn't experienced before and we'll share our experiences with you and give you peace of mind.

I'm always on hand to discuss with you anything to do with your stoma management from product selection, diet, skin problems or anything else that comes to mind nothing is off bounds everything you need to know will be answered.

Please keep in touch right up to the operation date, whilst you are hospital and when you get home and you'll soon be like me and the hundreds of others who live their life with a stoma and do all the things we like to do without a problem.


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Candy Cheeks
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Thank you so much. I feel so much better just knowing you are there to answer any questions and give support. It’s really appreciated. It’s been a stressful day today as my op was brought forward after being told it would be in January. I was looking forward to Christmas dinner with all the trimmings but I think it will be clear broth through a straw now. I’ll feel better tomorrow after the shock has worn off, I’m sure.