Urgent referral for Hysteroscopy and biopsy


I’m new to this site and just after a bit of advice please to see if anyone else has been in a similar position with positive results.Im 32 years old and since the birth of my son nearly three years ago I have had constant irregular bleeding. I bled consistently for 9 months after he was born. My doctor kept switching my contraceptive pill to see if it would help but it didn’t. I can no longer be intimate with my husband as I bleed afterwards, sometimes quiet heavily and this has gone on for months on end.My doctor put me on iron tablets and that was that. I am constantly cramping but I am used to it now. I moved surgeries and saw a new GP while visiting with my son and mentioned it to her. She sent me for an urgent referral to gynaecology two weeks ago. I was sent for two scans where the lining of my womb is filled with blood and a clot. Saw the gynaecologist today for the results and she has now sent me for an urgent referral for a hysteroscopy and biopsy and mentioned some other test under general anaesthetic but I had switched off at that point as I was panicking a bit.My mind has gone into overdrive and I’ve been googling why she wanted to do those tests and all that keeps coming up is womb cancer. My grandmother had womb cancer as well as breast and bowel and died from it and my mother died of lung cancer. My great grandmother died of breast cancer. My mums twin sister had breast cancer but survived it. Can’t seem to get away from the C word and I’m just freaking out a bit.

  • Hi , I wanted to welcome you to the community and agree how scary it is when cancer enters your mind. When you mentioned how you switched off in your gynaecologist appointment, you reminded me that I did exactly the same, only realising I had stopped listening when the dermatologist had started quoting Robbie Burns Poetry to me! 

    Googling womb cancer can be scary but I understand the need. I am hoping that you have the telephone number of the gynaecologist’s secretary to see if you can ask the questions you would have asked if you hadn’t zoned out. Or you could try the Macmillan support line 0808 808 0000 (it’s open 8am to 8pm) to get things out of your mind. Or join the womb cancer group on here and start a discussion, I’ve put the link below.


    My cancer type is different, so I’m guessing that the tests are to rule cancer out rather than rule it in, I wish you luck.

  • Hi KT

    Thanks very much for getting back to me. I haven’t got her number but I’m sure I could find it. But thanks for the number above. When you say your cancer type is different, do you mind me what you have been diagnosed with? I’m sorry to hear you have any sort of diagnosis at all relating to cancer. But you did make me laugh about the dermatologist quoting poetry to you! Haha! Thank you for the above link, I will post my original post on there too. 

  • Hi Meg, I like to think that the dermatologist was savvy and did it deliberately to bring me back to the conversation, much better than thinking she was a nutcase !! I was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma back in 2015. While in hospital for what I thought might be a hernia I heard the drs team mention possible lymphoma, I was told not to google while I waited for biopsy results, and was glad I didn’t as I would have googled the wrong cancer, but I did have a card for a macmillan nurse who was there for me if I wanted to talk. I hope you find the answers your looking for.