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Partner diagnosed (eventually) with cancer of hypo pharynx (throat)

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Hi there everyone

I'm new and feeling knackered and alone. Partner starts 7 e weeks of radiotherapy on 4th November but has been encouraged to gain weight. Since that recommend he's had tonsillectomy then tooth extraction and now Rig feeding tube fitted. Always in pain and struggling to gain the weight as requested. He's very positive and determine d to eat but seems that all these procedures catapult him backwards. All began with a  sore throat after a cold in January this year.. it's good to read people's posts here so I know what's happening as we currently get alot of conflicting information.

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Hello , I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s diagnosis and pain, and how er tired your feeling. You mentioned you’d liked reading people’s posts, but you don’t seem to have joined any groups yet. If you click the join group button for perhaps th3 carers only group and the Larynx group you will be able to come back to those groups quicker as they will be saved for you when you log back in. I’ll give you a link to those groups.



Good luck for your husband’s radiotherapy, I haven’t had that myself my own cancer experience is a bit different.

best wishes 


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Thank you for the links. I have now joined both