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Breast cancer

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Hi , I have had all my treatment and awaiting my 1st oncology meeting . I feel so low, I thought I would be on such a high when my treatment was over. 

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Hi , I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis and that your feeling low at the moment, but not surprised. I have my oncology appointment tomorrow, and I suppose as I have mine every 6 weeks (different cancer type) I’m used to feeling well different when one is due. I like to make sure I remember the day for something other than the appointment so I usually plan a lunch out or a walk in the countryside before or after, depending on the timing. I wanted to welcome you to the online community and suggest one of the groups you could join to share your experiences with and hear about others. 


You can click on the link to have a look and then click on join the group and set how often you want to be notified of discussions, and start your own. I expect you will find plenty of people who have felt like you do, as well as a range of other emotions, everyone of them perfectly normal. I found reading the information and support sections on emotions made me feel a bit better when I wasn’t feeling how I’d expect to feel, I’ll put the link in for you.


I hope your appointment goes well for you, and you can mention how you feel to them, or visit the Macmillan information and support section at the hospital if you have one. There’s one at mine and they are very helpful, mine has a list of courses that can help with moving forward. 

Best wishes.


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