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Just diagnosed with breast cancer just feeling numb and can’t get my head around it

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How do people cope with diagnosis of Breast cancer. The thought of losing my breast is unthinkable to me.

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just seen your other post. I am so sorry you have had this diagnosis.   No wonder you are not sleeping!!   I assume you have just been told this and possibly a plan of action has not been made yet.  The stress of the unknown is frightening and it comes as a shock to everyone.  Take one day at a time.

We are all in a club we don't want to be part of.  I was diagnosed last year and am still having treatment.  I struggle some days and make the most of the rest as best I can.  Like most folk, I don't know how things will pan out, and that is hard.

You will find the strength from somewhere to get up in the morning and see what is happening next.

Take care


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Warm welcome to the club no one wants to join :-/

You are at one of the toughest stages of all this - The waiting from initial appointment to getting results and treatment plan is mental torture.

Do join the Main Breast Group (link) there is also a group Breast Cancer for the Under 50's as well but it isn't quite as active - most under 50's join both...

The thought of losing a breast is a scary prospect, you look in the mirror and imagine what you would look like with one missing, but in reality it is a crappy disease that needs stopping in it's tracks.

If you are finding it all a bit too emotional at the moment do see your GP and get a short low dose med that can help you sleep - Worrying won't change anything it just brings you down and makes you feel cr*p all day.

Our breast cancer roller coaster ride was in 2012, hopefully this will reassure you a vast majority of people are free of disease post breast cancer treatment long term.

Hope this is of some help to get you settled here for some support the experienced information you deserve - You have found a great place to be at a tough time.

Take care, G n' J

Pretty Flower
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Hi Kemp77

It is very hard and nothing can prepare you for it. I had a mastectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy on 6sept 2019 (2 weeks ago this Friday). The 24 hours preceding the operation were the hardest for me as the brain was in complete overdrive. The following day was pretty cr*p too probably a lot to do with post anesthetic as well asthe reality of losing my breast.

Physically it wasn't painful initially but as the sensation is returning i am experiencing a number of different pains: pins and needles, needle sharp, stabbing, dull aches, sensitivity. Different parts of the region have different sensations including phantom itchy boob and nipple which is quite funny and also very sad in equal measure.

Emotionally I have been very turbulent. Today is a good day, only sparkling tears and no crying, yesterday was terrible as i couldn't seem to stop crying! The past week and a half have been most days tears...I've given up trying to figure out what they represent and just let them flow...tears are releasing stress and help heal us, at least, that's what i believe 

It is unthinkable because most right-minded people should have no reason to think such a thing. One way i have found helpful to think about this situation is that if it weren't me it would be someone else and maybe they wouldn't have the strength or support you have to go through this. 

Much love xxx

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Most of those who have breast or lymphnode surgery have random strange /altered sensations. These are nearly always down to disturbed, cut or damaged nerves trying to repair themselves.

This, for the most part eases right off after the healing process, but if it persists do mention it to your breast care nurse.

G n' J

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Hi. Just joined the forum as recently diagnosed with neck cancer, but wondered if I had anything great to help you.

I had breast cancer in-situ, 25 years ago at the young age of 35. It wasn't great at such a young age to lose my breast and wonder how I would cope with my daughter who was 4 but, I did. I looked at all my friends and asked myself how would I ever look like them at such a young age, having to find clothes that masked my ailment, how would I stay strong for my daughter and would I live to see a future. Well I have, my daughter is 30, I am a grandmother and i recently found lingerie sites that have given me even more freedom than Ive had in 25 years with bikinis and bras'. No one would ever know I only had 1 boob.

You feel like you are in a tumble drier of mush with everyone trying to save you, and you're trying to come to terms with it all. I still mourn my boob loss now and again, I think that is natural but, it hasn't stopped me from doing anything physically. Mentally, I have found coping mechanisms too.  Use all the resources from your hospital and talk with them often, I found the lifeline of airing my fears to Macmillan nurses a huge help.

By the way, my neck cancer is not related (didn't want to scare you-just a random bit of cr+p I now need to deal with-and I will.

All the very best wishes for you.

Kind regards