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Hello there... My aunt did a brave the shave recently (brave indeed). And now she doesn't know where/how to donate the monies raised, she cannot do a bank transfer as it is all in cash. Please can someone advise me so I can explain to her PLEASE.

Thank you in advance. X

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Hi crazy girl,

There is a purple donate button on the bottom left hand of the page but the money would need to be paid by card, or your aunt can call 0300 1000 200 and ask for advice about cash payments. 

I hope that this helps

lots of love


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Your aunt should have received information about paying in donations when she registered 

Brave the Shave contact form if you complete this form (there is a drop down box covering donations) and explain the problem about paying in the donations the team will do all they can to help her.

Well done to your aunt for taking in part.


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