3 months check up

I have my three month check up appointment next month, it will be nearly 5 months since my WLS ! Can you tell me what will happen at this appointment please I want to make sure I get it done also should I have a ct scan before .thank you , 

  • Hi 

    I think you probably meant to post this in the melanoma group but it's no problem as I can answer your question here. If you're not sure how to get back to the group in future clicking on the link I've created will take you there.

    I've looked back through your previous posts and profile but can't see that you've put what your melanoma was staged at. As you will see from the NICE guidelines (link) you'll only have a CT or MRI scan if you've had a Stage 2c or higher melanoma.

    When you arrive for your appointment your consultant will ask about your general health and whether you've noticed any changes to your skin or lymph nodes when you've been doing your monthly self checks. You will then undress down to your underwear and s/he will check your skin to make sure that there is nothing that looks like it needs further investigation. The check will involve the consultant looking at and feeling your skin. They will also feel your lymph nodes. 

    The whole appointment probably only lasts 10 minutes and if you have anything that concerns you then this is a good time to mention it.

    I hope everything goes okay.


  • Thank you! I think my staging is 2A or 2B but I’m not sure ! It’s nice to know what to expect and if I don’t get a good check over I shall know to ask, 

  • Hi

    I'm glad to help. 

    Perhaps when you go for your check-up you could ask what stage you are.