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zoladex injections

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I am supporting a young lady who is recovering from triple negative breast cancer and is now at the end of her zoladex injections she is unsure of as to when her periods will start after her last dose do they start immediately or does it take some time  also regarding fertility she is anxious to try for another baby how can that work does her system go back to normal straight away ?

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Hello Mich74  and welcome to the online community.

I see you have already joined the Triple Negative Braest Cancer goup and I hope you get your answers there.

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What a good friend you are. And how useless I am by comparison. I’m not a medic and can’t answer those questions but I know someone who might. Why don’t you try posting your question to one of our digital nurses (don’t worry, they are real nurses. They just work online)

Good luck! 

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Thank you Daloni

In the meantime mich74, I have found the following for you

" It is important not to become pregnant while you are having treatment and for a few months afterwards. Goserelin is not a contraceptive and, even if your periods have stopped, you could become pregnant while you are having treatment. "

Zoladex is the brand name for Goserelin.

To see the web site  click here

The young lady may also be relieved to read this web page click here

I hope thsi helps, but of course using the expert nurse service is still good to answer any questions.