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Had excisional biopsy yesterday results to follow. 

Emotions are running wild.  

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Hi Abrn, I had my CT scan yesterday and like you, results to follow.

At least it is another step to finding out what we are dealing with and then tackling it head on!! 

Try, as they say, to keep calm and carry on. 

Best wishes x 

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The waiting is the hardest thing totally out of our control. 

Hope everything goes ok with you .

Keep smiling x

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Hello and , I've noticed you have both posted a few times in the new to site so thought it was time for me to say welcome to the community.

Getting support from others in the same boat as it were, or that are maybe a few steps ahead is what this site is all about. You both seem to be in a similar boat, neither of you know what your primary is, and from what I understand you've both been told you have cancer in a lymph node. That all sounds similar to me back in 2015, when cancer was suspected after a scan but not confirmed until after my biopsy. It was an in limbo feeling, I was told not to google by the hospital (glad I didn't as Id have looked up the wrong cancer).

I noticed you have both done your profiles, great, and have both been giving support to each other great. To get more out of the site the next step for me was to find a group to join as the new to site tends to have people moving into groups quite quickly. I must admit I'm not 100% sure which groups to recommend as you don't know your cancer type and you haven't mentioned what type is suspected.

lymph nodes is a group for those with a secondary cancer in their lymph nodes I'm not sure from your explanation if this applies.

unknown primary group well if you click on it, it will explain.

You could click on the GROUP button above and have a look through the cancer types and cancer experiences to see if any groups catch your attention. The new to site is a bit like hovering in an entrance hall rather than going in and sitting in the comfy seats where people chat to each other. So I'd like to invite you further in when you are ready. 

It took me ages to post when I first came here so well done you two, I read a lot of posts, and read the info and support sections, the community I think works best when we all join in to say how we feel but also to give support when we recognise we feel the same as others, or have the personal experience that others are looking for.

Its great Minnie when you say at least its another step to finding out what we are dealing with, I have found that to be the best head space to be in. The waiting period can be the worst and coming to terms with what emotions your feeling so I spent time reading the coping section on Emotions it gives helpful hints, as do the Wednesday wellness tips.

Wishing you both all the best for your wait for results and treatment to start.


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Thank you KTatHome, your support is very much appreciated. Emotionally, I am OK, keeping busy with the garden, cats and keeping an eye on West Ham (which can send you over the edge sometimes!!). 

I've supported Hammers for 66 years and if I can do that I can face most things - ask any Hammers supporter!!

I am quite positive at the moment, a bit worried my age might have a bearing on things, but hey, I'm 72 years young so why worry. 

Thank you again x