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CT scan update - awaiting diagnosis

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Hi, I have now got a date for my CT scan, tomorrow evening so moving forward.

I am hoping I will then shortly get some answers as to what is going on. I am a bit scared of what the results may be and a bit worried about the scan itself as I don't like confined spaces. I will take me own CD, Bon Jovi - can't in some ways think of anything better than being in a scanner with Jon Bon Jovi!! (Ladies only I think). You have to think of something positive at times like these.

Wish me luck all you lovely people out there. X

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Hi . Try not to worry about the CT scan itself. It is not that bad.  If you have not had one before, it is like big doughnut rather than the MRI tunnel. You are just popped in and out of it. Unfortunately you don't usually get any results on the day. They have to analyse the images at a later date, and you should get a follow up appointment for results. I hope all goes well for you. Best wishes.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?

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Hi rily, thank you for reply. Had an MRI years ago and didn't particularly like the experience (who does) and thought CT would be much the same. I think the results are supposed to be within a 2 week time frame but things are moving which is good.

Actually was allowed a long time ago to go into the booth with the technician and watch a MRI being done on my daughter's knee (I asked!!) and it was fascinating watching all the cross sections being imaged. I can understand why it takes time to analyse in both cases. 

Thank you for your kind wishes. x