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Family history breast cancer

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Hi all I'm new to this and my head is all over the place I'm having breast screening yearly I'm 52 my sister was 34 died of Brest cancer my other sister had Brest cancer just got the all clear after her cemo treatment my brother had throut cancer I'm the youngest of them all and feel I'm next to get it really need to chat if had 4 children and Think ing if them should I go for the gene test if I'm positive I want Brest taking away and my ovaries if that makes me safer iv got a loving family and a loving husband but there don't no what I'm really going though and it all on me getting this right all I no I want to live and not have this flipping dieses at all ¡¡ I'm so sorry hear your all and you problems and also the joy when all is good please can any one just chat .

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Your family really has been hit hard by cancer. No wonder you feel like this. 

Genetic testing might well be a good idea, especially with your two sisters both having breast cancer. I’m not an expert but I think in general the testing would need to start with your sister who’s had the cancer. Have you discussed this with her? 

It might help to start by reading this information about genetic testing from the Macmillan site

Good luck!