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partners secondary breast cancer

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Hi guys just on here not even really sure what im expecting or looking for... 

but here goes my names martin and my girlfriend has been fighting triple negative breast cancer which after going through chemotherapy to shrink the lump then surgery to remove along with lymph nodes then  many rounds of radio and finishing off with tablet chemotherapy to be told that was that (no final scan) ??? around 2 weeks passed then chronic headaches with uncontrollable sickness dismissed twice from docs and twice from hosp before being sent for a scan to learn the cancer had spread to her brain.......surgery to remove a mass and radiotherapy was used to try control 2 other small lesions. was doing fine untill the weekend where she has deteriorated quickly again. 

just hoping to chat i think as i was coping well i thot until today.

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. Hi Martin and welcome to the community, although a welcome never seems appropriate in these circumstances. Sorry to hear about your girlfriend's diagnosis. There are different groups here you can get information regarding treatment etc., but a good place for you to start may be the Carers Only Group . There you will find others looking after loved ones. Click the link to get to the group and post your concerns there where you will get support from others in similar circumstances. If you need any help navigating the site, click the reply button below and shout out. Best wishes.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?