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cant face going to work

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I have prostate cancer. I am a teacher and despite having my operation booked for removal in a month, I can’t face going into work. I have been told that I will need lots of time off after the operation but all I think about is the cancer at the moment. My wife tells me to be positive but I am finding that very hard to do. I am not sleeping properly due to worrying and going to the toilet.

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Hi Wardy,

Welcome to the forum although I am very sorry for the reasons you post.

I am not certain how long you are since diagnosis but I am guessing it is fairly recent, so you are bound to be going through a large period of shock, so it doesn’t surprise me to read how you are feeling. You can’t be positive all the time, and those negative feelings are normal and natural. You are going to need time to work through them so be kind on yourself, take things slowly. Re: work, for me, it is a double edged sword. It’s to be expected that you don’t want to be there if you are dealing with some tough things, but it can also be a good distraction from the tough things if you are able. Only you will know where your boundaries are.

I also thought I would pop on a link to the prostrate cancer part of the forum - Prostate cancer in case you would find it helpful to link in with others experiencing the same cancer.

Wishing you all the best