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at the start of cancer journey

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hello i am new. i have had my hysteroscopy and the doc rang me monday evening and told me i have a grade 1 carcinoma and have got to have a hysterectomy. To be honest she said other things as well but I just cant remember them cos I went into rabbit in headlights mode when I heard the word carcinoma. I am aware that i am lucky that they have caught it early but i saw the three offending articles on the screen when they did it so i knew it was coming.I have three growths filling the cervix approx. 2cms across and  today is my first consultation to discuss next steps. I am calm and determined to kick cancers butt during the day but at night omg I wish i could just remove my brain so it will stop working and let me sleep how does everyone cope with nightime gremlins? xx

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Hello and welcome to the community. A welcome here never seems appropriate because we know how you must be feeling. Many of us will be aware of what you mean by rabbit in the headlights. Once you hear that word, then all you hear afterwards is blah blah blah. The early days of uncertainty are always the worst. Once a treatment plan is put in place, things become slightly less stressful as you know what you are dealing with and have something to focus on. Could I point you to the Cervical Group where the ladies there who have experience of this will guide and support you. Click the link to get to the group and post your concerns there. It may be an idea to copy and paste your above post in the group. Best wishes.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?