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Financial support re how to claim benefits

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I'm really struggling with money, all I receive is tax credits and I receive housing benefit.

I've been told I'm not entitled to income support, and also I'm entitled to help with prescriptions either.

Its keeping me awake at night

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Hi and welcome to the Mac family and I hope I can help you by giving you the following 

Who can I speak to?

Call Macmillans free 

on 0808 808 00 00 

(Monday - Sunday, 8 am - 8pm).

The Macmillan Support Line, staffed by trained experts, offers people with cancer and their loved ones practical, clinical, financial and emotional support. We have 5 teams here to help.

Cancer information and support (9am - 8pm)

This team answers each call, provides emotional and practical support, or can just listen if you need to talk. They will help find the best support for you, which could be arranging for you to speak to one of our specialist teams listed below, finding relevant resources online or support in your local area.

Cancer information nurse specialists (9am - 8pm)

This team of experienced cancer nurses uses their clinical skills to provide and talk through specialist information on symptoms and diagnosis, treatment, living with cancer, palliative care and end of life.

Financial guidance (9am - 5pm)

Our financial specialists are here to help you manage your finances, providing guidance in areas such as mortgages, insurance, pensions, future planning and more.

Work support (9am - 5pm)

Our dedicated team of work support advisers can help you understand your rights at work. They can provide information and guidance on talking to your employer and negotiating adjustments at work, and can answer questions on sick pay or taking time off. The team can also refer people with more complex needs to one-off legal advice.

Welfare rights (9am - 8pm)

Providing information on the benefits and grants you may be eligible to claim, our welfare team can advise on NHS health costs if you are on a low income or claim certain benefits. They can also find out if you're eligible to apply for a Macmillan grant to help with the financial impact of cancer.

Energy advice (9am - 5pm)

Here for you no matter who supplies your gas and electricity, our energy specialists can help to source funding if you are struggling with your bills.

When it gets busy we may not have someone available from our specialist teams but we'll get someone to call you back.

Please telephone the support line as soon as possible noting that some advisors have different working hours as shown above but any of the telephone support team can give you advice on financial guidance.

The lines are open until 8 pm this evening 

The free phone number is 0808 808 000

I hope that the above helps you.


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Call Macmillan Support Team 0808 808 0000 every day 8am to 8pm

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