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Stage 4 breast cancer

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Hello everyone. I am here because my daughter has stage 4 breast cancer and her first chemo has not worked. She had to have a blood transfusion and given oxygen. She just turned 50. The world has shattered around me. Looking for any bit of advice based on your experience and knowledge. Where to look and who to contact. I will do everything in my power to bring relief to her. I am sure there will be an enormous support and experience available here. Once the treatment get on the right path I will devote myself for raising money etc

 Please please tell me anything you know.


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Welcome from me and I know you have been posting previously and I am very sorry to hear about your daughter and can understand your need to do everything you can to help her.

I would invite you to join our Breast cancer Group and ask the very lively members in the group all your questions they are all very friendly and will do all they can to give you help, advice and support.

I am tagging into this conversation some of my fellow champs who look after the Breast cancer in the hope they will pick up on this thread


You are also welcome to post the question in out Ask a nurse and one of the specialist nurses will give you some advice 

The Macmillan Support Team on 

0808 808 0000 

is available 365 days a year

8am to 8pm

and you can speak to one of the nurses there.

Please do try and join the breast group as soon as possible and let the members give you the benefit of their experiences, they've all been where are you now and have walked in your shoes previously.

Hope this of help to you


You may want to visit our Chemotherapy if you have any questions on chemo as a back up to the breast group

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