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Pain in back after Breast surgery

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Hi, I had a lumpectomy and senile node biopsy on Monday , Still really sore as expected but I have a really painful backache on the left side that’s been there all week is this normal the surgery was on the left side also.


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Hi and a warm welcome to the online community

Having not had the surgery you've had I don't know if what you're experiencing is normal or not. However, I'd recommend that you post this question in the breast cancer group, which I see you've joined, as there are a lot of knowledgeable people there who should be able to help you. 

If you're not sure how to get back to the group just click on the link I've created. Once there click on 'Start A Discussion' to ask your question.

Best wishes


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What is a Community Champion?

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Hi thank you for replying 

I have posted it on there now thank you xx