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what will be next stage of tests after inconclusive biopsy results?

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I'm new to the group and just have a fairly simple question which I'm sure you can answer for me..

I have a lump deep into my breast tissue - it was hard to find it but luckily the ultrasound technician was very thorough due to my mother being diagnosed recently too.

I have just  been called  back to hospital for a second round of ultrasound  biopsys as the 1st we're inconclusive. if these also come back inconclusive, what will they do next? 


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Hi Bobbyboy19

Hello and welcome

I will create a link for you here to the breast cancer group . I think the members here will be able to give you some good support and suggestions on what may be next. Sorry this is not my area of cancer, so I am unable to answer for you.

I hope you find the site a good informative place of support and best wishes with your results are reassuring.


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I'm new to the group as well. I too had inconclusive ultrasound biopsy, followed by core biopsy. It turned out to be cancer, but I am really glad that it was caught early. Lumpectomy op and sentinel node was a breeze, as was radiotherapy. Hopefully yours will come back clear. The waiting is worse than the treatment. good luck. JU 26

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thank you Ginajsy xx

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thank you Ju 26 for the positive thoughts, hopefully I will get more info on Wednesday as to the next stage, but at least I feel a bit more informed and ready for the next stage xx

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Can I welcome to you to the Mac family, really pleased to hear of your successful treatment.

As  mentioned above it might be beneficial if you join one of the Breast cancer Groups where you will meet others who have been on a similar journey to yourself and you can be of great inspiration to others who are about to embark on their journey.

We always like to hear of the success stories and well done on yours.


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