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Premenopausal uterine/ovarian cancer

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Hi, I am 48 with 4 children.  For months I have been having what I thought were premenopausal symptoms but my periods have remained regular.  I am currently off work due to feeling very run down exhausted all the time and generally unwell.  I feel constantly bloated have gained weight have occasional hot flushes, disturbed sleep, nausea loss of appetite  indigestion  the list is endless.  Recently my periods have become heavier and I have had some spotting in between, I feel premenstrual most of the time with a heavy dull ache around my back and lower abdomen.  I have completely convinced myself I have either womb or ovarian cancer I am seeing my GP tomorrow.  Any thoughts advice or stories would be extremely welcome.

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Hi Midmum welcome to the forum and I am so sorry to hear how worried that you are.

Im  not sure about the answer to your questions as this could be absolutely  anything and could indeed be due to the Menopause or menopausal causes so you are doing the right thing in getting this checked out by the GP in the first instance. However dont be to surprised if they want to refer you on and thats not because of anything I suspect other then to get you checked over with a medical person who will have experience with all the symptoms you are experiencing.

Please come back and let us know how you get on with the GP and let us know what they think as we will be thinking of you.

Sending some huge big hugs meantime. xxxx