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My Mum

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Hello.. I have a question..

Just found out my mum 59 has got aggressive cancer with weeks left I am wondering what I can do to help her she is in hospital.. I am unsure exactly what I should do.. I don't want to read to much as my head is in bits to be fair.. 

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Hi burnt beanz,

Im sorry to hear about your mums diagnosis, it must be such a shock for all of you, I know how upset I'd be in your shoes. We have just gone through something similar with a relative and what we done to help was make them as comfortable as we could. If your mum is still active you could get her puzzles, magazines, papers, books or films / tv to watch,  that should help to pass the time and keep her mind busy in hospital. You could take some nice hand creams, foot cream and lip balm as the hospital seems to dry out your hands and lips especially. A nice blanket and your own pillows are often comforting too, and maybe some family pictures.  If your mums a light sleeper ear plugs and an eye mask might help her get a better sleep.

just being with your mum when you can will be a big comfort, take things at your own and your mums pace, if you want to speak to others in similar circumstances there are a few different groups, the one below is about supporting someone with an incurable diagnosis: 

If you have a maggies centre nearby you could drop in and chat to someone, I hear that they are always really helpful. There is also the Macmillan helpline which will open again on Monday morning. Your mum should have a Clinical Nurse Specialist at the hospital, their whole job is to support your mum and your family, they will likely have lots of advice for you too, they can refer you to other services and support in your area. 

Lots of love


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Thank you for the reply Arla and the help enclosed I will look into everything and enquire properly tomorrow I have been by her side mainly but I did read your reply the day I recieved it I appreciate your time and effort I am not 100 per cent sure about everything I am reading up on cancer and everything I can that may help but I am just too emotional. My mum looks and seems a lot better after chemo to be fair but she is all swollen and finding it hard to eat. The hospital food is er yep. Anyway my head is now fried thinking about it all. Thanks again Arla I will ring the helpline tomorrow.