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Groin lump biopsy ovarian cancer

Chomsky 12
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Hi I have discovered a groin lump painless and have ca125 44. Biopsy not for another 4 weeks. Anybody been through similar?? Interested to hear other experiences. 

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Heyy, I’ve had a biopsy before for my pelvic area. I don’t know if that means that we’ll have different experiences afterwards but for me, I used to have pain when going to the bathroom. It only lasted for a few days though so it isn’t something to be worried about if you do experience it. The procedure for me was really simple to be honest. They ask you to lay down on this bed and get you settled into a gown after that they take you to a theatre room where they put a mask over your face and start pumping the anaesthetic through. It should take a minute or so for you to eventually fall asleep and then they start the biopsy. Hope that helps? It’s nothing to worry about, hope it goes well :)

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I see that you have already joined the ovarian cancer group and I'm sure that if you post your question there you will find others who will be able to give you support.

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hi there think i managed to post it thanks. it is getting moderated at the moment.