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Mouth cancer.

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Hi.  My 23 yr old daughter recently went to doctor with jaw, ear and throat pain. Doctor saw white ulcerated patch inside upper  mouth near throat. Swab sent to determine if infection present. 4 days later she was told no infection and that was it, no follow up about the white patch.  Fortunately she had pre planned dental appointment, the dentist took one look and said she was referring my daughter for biopsy and X-rays. I now feel almost crazy with worry. Is it really possible for young person to get this cancer

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Sorry to read you and your daughter are going through this waiting scan/biopsy appointment and results period :(

Unfortunately the answer to your question is yes. The age groups for a lot of cancer diagnosis seem to be getting progressively lower and this is a very worrying trend :-/  More younger people are being referred because of pink or white oral ulcer like patches that don't seem to heal.

There is a very active (and friendly) Head and Neck Group (link) you could join... Not because we think this could be cancer, but these are the best folks to ask questions of regarding biopsies and x-ray or other scans as they have been there and will know the worry this waiting period causes.

Fingers tightly crossed that this is nothing sinister, but you have taken the right step in getting this looked into.

Take care, G n' J

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Hi. Thank you for reply and the info.