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Macmillan toilet card - warning

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Hi GrandamaStar

Thank you!

Macmillan will kindly send you one for free!   On their website, search "toilet card" and it takes you to an order form. Or I believe you can ring them and ask for one. They are so helpful and kind.

It's such a relief (pardon the pun) to have it, though this is the first time I have actually needed to use it as most places are considerate enough to help anyway. Good luck! Px

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Hi Pacca! 

Thanks for responding so quickly & for the info! 
Why is this simple thing not publicised? 

I think that perhaps everyone should be issued with one! 

Keep on keeping on! 



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Hi, you order them on here from macmillan, i looked it up yesterday and they are free,  so i ordered one sally

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Macmillan toilet card

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Generic toilet card


Cancer treatment can affect bowel and bladder function. This toilet card and key ring is designed to give you urgent access to a toilet when out in public.

Please note it is not possible for us to have negotiated guaranteed access to all locations with a toilet facility. Whilst we hope that showing the card will allow you urgent access, it will be at the discretion of the establishment. 
Press green link above and it will take you to the order page
I have one from the disability rights organisation that has all the supporting logos on it that should convince anyone that I need the toilet urgently. 
Have you got a radar key? 

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Thanks very much Ian. 

I have now been able to order a card. 

I currently do not have a Radar Key...I don't think I need one at the moment but will bear it in mind. 


Benedict - Macmillan

Hi Pacca,

I’m sorry to hear about your negative experience with RBS. Another member of our team has been in touch with them about your issue, which we are trying to resolve.

Would it be okay if you passed some more information onto us about the event, which we would then send to them?

For example:

• More details about what happened

• Which branch

• Which day

Send us an email on 

Best wishes


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Hi Benedict

Of course, that would be great if it helps.

It was last Thursday, 22 June.  We had an appointment with the Financial Advisor, at NatWat in Burgess Hill, which had been planned for months. 

By the time we arrive for the appointment, I was already desperate to go to the loo. 

I suspected the appointment would not be a five minute affair, even though we had all the relevant papers signed and ready, so I asked the lady if I could be escorted to the loo before we commenced proceedings, and showed her my Macmillan card.  

She said she "didn't think they were allowed to" but took the card backstage to check with her manager.  She returned very apologetic saying Company Policy says they cannot allow it (although I see from another member's response that the NatWest branch they visited DID allow it. )

By this time, I could not afford to wait around and have a longer argument, so I expressed my disgust at their lack of compassion (politely) and fled to the nearest public loo ... which was quite a way away, leaving my husband to start the meeting. I'm not sure even he fully understands how humiliating it is to need to ask to be taken to the loo at 61 years of age and in a public place.

I do fully understand about security, especially in today's climate, as I have spent all my working life in secure environments.  But the worlds is changing, and this smacks of discrimination. 

There are ramps for the disabled and mothers with prams, and special facilities for the deaf and the blind. But the 'one in three' people who are suffering from cancer and/or it's treatment, are not being catered for.  I am aware that there are many people who are much worse off than I am in this respect.

 If places are truly unable to accommodate such a request, my suggestion for a better Customer Service Experience would be for them to put in place a partnership with the nearest establishment that can accommodate this,  and then advice the customer where they can go.

The outcome of this incident is that my confidence to go out and about and do "normal" things has been severely knocked.  

Apologies for the long post. I hope some of the above will be useful to you. Many thanks for your help.


Benedict - Macmillan

Hi Pacca,

Would you be happy for us to pass this information on to our contacts at NatWest, along with your email address?

If you would like us to do it anonymously without your details, that is also fine.

Sorry again that you had this bad experience!

Thanks a lot, and take care


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By all means. I am happy to stand up and be counted! (I just hope I don't get a typical stock-response communication from them  ... )

Just a thought;  the bank Regulators have a whole section entitled "Treating Customers Fairly" .... and there is whole training module on how to help "vulnerable customers".   Cancer patients are mentioned as vulnerable customers.  Not sure if that's angle could be somehow employed...

Thank you again for your kindness.

Phoenix Rising
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I wonder if sometimes it has nothing to do with the card and more to do with whichever employees are on shift at a bank at that time and UNFORTUNATELY the amount of your bank balance.  I do not yet have a toilet card.

My experience with Bank of Ireland in Letterkenny, County Donegal, Republic of Ireland,  was that on our first visit (as we were waiting for a funds transfer) I was denied access to the toilet - I was DESPERATE, as some of you know only too well after radiation damage - and the trip up the street to find a toilet was an agony.  On our next visit, different staff, and a funds transfer - resulting in a LARGE balance - and I had no trouble accessing their toilet.

One can only surmise it had something to do with either or both differences.

fighting girl
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I was in Sainsbury’s today ,a large store in town centre ,asked to use a toilet ,they couldn’t let me ,health and safety !!

i have secondary breast cancer and the drug treatment sometimes causes me to need to go quickly ,i had to leave trolley and find toilet in town centre 

i will be phoning Sainsbury’s and if allowed will apply for a toilet card 

i understand there are problems with security etc but have a toilet with a code we can use please ,,in contrast my local Aldi ,a much smaller store,will always escort you to the toilet 

i felt quite unwell as all who have toilet issue know only too well 

anyway i made it in time