Worried about having inherited the BRCA gene?

Hi everyone,

I am new to the group and thought I'd give you a bit of background. I am a 26 year old with no current known medical conditions.

I wanted to get some advice regarding the BRCA gene and if I am at high risk for it or not, or if this would be a case where cancer would be more sporadic rather than genetic.

My great great great grandmother died at 32 with a lump in the breast, my mum had breast cancer at age 41. I have been told that there is a very unlikely chance that I would be eligible for genetic BRCA testing from cancer helplines as well as my GP. Can anyone give me any advice on this? 

I am so terrified of getting this and it is stopping me from being truly happy. My anxiety got so bad to the point where I went private to get a breast ultrasound test, to which I was told showed more glandular breast tissue but no cancer. 

I am so worried that I am prodding around my breast all the time in the larger glandular part of my left breast that it now hurts. I have also recently come off the depo vera shot and haven't had it since april, I dont know if this is what is contributing to the pain as I also have sensitive sore nipples on both sides.

Could anyone help out? I should be happy but I am just always worried!


  • Hi Natalie

    You sound super anxious about this and I would like you to call the Ask Eve nurse information helpline. You can speak to their nurse Tracie and she will be able to give you chapter and verse on brca and your risk. 


    I carry the BRCA1 mutation and I can understand your anxiety and the urge to check your breasts. Been there, done that. I had to stop so I made a bargain with myself. I allowed myself one check a week. I think it was 6pm on a Tuesday. If I remembered, I had a good feel. If not, then I had to wait until the next week. It was surprising how this helped the anxiety and how quickly I got over compulsive checking. 

    I hope this helps