Who stole my sex drive??

Seriously guys, this is getting beyond a joke now. I have no interest in sex at all, nothing......my treatment finished just over 14 months ago but I am still not feeling any urges or passion. Has anyone had this and if so did it come back.

How come there isn't a female Viagra? I can no longer be on HRT which certainly doesn't help.

Would love to hear how others are coping 

  • Can anyone help with this?

  • Female Visgra but I did read somewhere that something like this is being developed!!...... ask your GP.

    Never the right thing to ask a ladies age but from your profile you are still a few years under 60 so still young. 

    From a male point of view I can understand in some way the challenges you are facing but at the same time your treatment journey is much more life changing so you are left with different baggage to deal with.

    We did find the journey to rekindle that spark a long one but it did comeback.

    You may want to put your question up in the breast cancer group as this may open it up to a wider group of people who have walked this path.

    No answers from, but just wanted to acknowledge your post.


    Mike - Thehighlander

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  • Thanks Mike.