cancer 4 years ago - non health anxieties

Hi all  

I was diagnosed at 22 with a neuroendocrine tumour. Originally thought to be appendicitis but they found it at the base so I had to get a right hemicolectomy where they took away the entire right side of my large intestine. All of this happened within the space of 4 months, then I got the all clear and thankfully I've been okay since, aside from a few gastro problems after the op.

This was 4 years ago now but I still occasionally deal with anxiety. Though my anxiety stems from feeling very unlucky and the main way it comes out of me is fear of my partner of 7 years leaving me. I also worry about people around me dying as we are so fragile and we make ourselves so vulnerable by loving people. This is a horrible way to think and I've been to counselling etc but just wondering if I'm alone in thinking this way? I feel like I'm mad sometimes and I hate it :( I have no reason to worry about him leaving me as he is so loving and caring but I cant shake it. I've told him and he has reassured me a million times but how long will I feel this way, it is awful. 

Has anyone else had any experiences like this? It seems like a lot of people suffer more from health anxiety and i defo do too but not to the extent of the type I'm dealing with. I really don't want to feel this way forever as I just want to move on from the cancer as much as I can!!