Side effects of Tamoxifen

I was wondering if anyone else struggles with the side effects of Tamoxifen and what they do to deal with it?

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  • Hi, I started on Tamoxifen around May this year following my operation. The side effects appear to have settled down (fingers crossed), what are your side effects? 

  • Hello Tori's45

    Like you I started Tamoxifen after my radiation treatment, the side effects are mood swings, fatigue and feeling sleepy suddenly, I also get pain in my ankles at after I sit down for a short time, I hope this helps.


  • Hi, I did a good fatigue 2hr course ran by Maggie, well worth checking it out! I got tired during the day and couldn’t sleep at night. I was advised not to give in to the sleep but just do some light exercise, so I walked the dog, it helped. I had mood swings before tablets ha ha, I do get mood swings but I pre warn the kids and they stay out of my way, till I can gather my thoughts. I hope the side effects ease off soon for you! Take care