Checking in after 4 years

I was diagnosed with breast cancer following a routine mammogram in June 2016. I hadn't noticed any symptoms apart from perhaps a little more tiredness than usual, so to say that the diagnosis was a shock is an understatement. I had a mastectomy and lymph node removal, with 9 nodes coming back positive, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

I've never really accepted that I had cancer. I see all the evidence and I take my Tamoxifen dutifully, but because I had no symptoms it's always been hard for me to believe and I still feel a bit angry.

However, I've decided that I'm not going to let it change my life and in 2 weeks I move to live in northern Spain. It's the sort of decision I would make if I hadn't had cancer, so I'm not going to let it get in my way.

I've tried to read up on the medical system in Spain and how I'll get on for medicines and mammograms (I'm still having them annually on the remaining breast) but it's a bit confusing, so I'll find out when I get there. If anyone reading this is a UK citizen living in Spain, I'd appreciate hearing any practical advice.

And to everyone who was around here on the forum when I was going through it all, a big thanks for your help and support at the time, and I hope you're all keeping well and enjoying life. I certainly am!

  • Hi Dee  /

    I think had all her breast treatment in Spain, so I'm assuming she lives there ?

    I have 'tagged' her anyway hopefully she can give you some pointers.

    Cwtches, G n' J

  • Hi Dee , good on you, following your dreams is so important.

    Far too many people find that their cancer journey does rob them of dreams and hopes for the future. So well done you perusing what you have always wanted to do. This LINK takes you to a Community Blog that talks about perseverance.

    This step is an important part of recovery and healing and I wish many happy years.

    As for your questions, let’s look for others to come back with any first hand experiences.

    You may also want to put a post to our ‘Experts’ as they my be able to give you some help.


    Mike - Thehighlander

    It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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  • Hi KiwiCardi

    I have had all my treatments and Surgery in Spain and can say it has been very good. I work in Spain and so pay into the health system so am intitled to free treatment.

    I believe if you are retirment age you can take a form S1 from uk and this will entitle you to some cover ensure  you register with your local GP who will then refer you for any further treatments.

    I am in Southern Spain and the systems change i. different province so im not 100% this will be the same in Northern Spain.

    We also have a Cancer charity called MABs who help with translation for appointments and transport if need as well as several other things, they may have something similar where you are going.

    One thing i would advise is that the language problem for me has made me feel very isolated. 

    Good luck in whatever you decide to do. If I can be of any help im here x

    Just take each day as it comes and make the best of the ones you can