Employment Tribunal HELP please


  • Hi , welcome to this corner but sorry to hear the issues you are facing. Unfortunately I have no experience the can help but Lets see if anyone picks up on your post. 

    You say that you can't get Legal Advice from Macmillan, I may be wrong, but I don't think Macmillan can actually give legal advice but general advice and a direction where to look....... don't quote me on this ;)

    If you have talked with Macmillan then ignore this, but if not, you can use the Macmillan Support Line on 0808 808 00 00 talk with our Work Guidance Team mostly open 8.00 to 8.00.

    For what it's worth, I know that Maggie’s Centres and CAB give financial and work related advice as well.

    I hope you find a way through this.

    Mike - Thehighlander

    It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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  • Thanks so much for the contact 

    Absolutely correct in that Macmillan dont, its indirectly, they put you in touch with a firm (forget the charity/service name) for a one off consultation once they have reached the end point of what they can offer/suggest. This is to essentially thrash out if you have a viable case or not, which would have been amazing help, sadly my union have stuffed me on that. 

    Thank you for the number, I have found the support line AMAZING so far. 

    CAB resources are outstanding but I have not spoken directly with them which is probably a good shout, and I had not even considered Maggie's so that is another line I can go down. Thank you for your ideas which I will action. 

    As I see it the only way is forward! Need to bring this awful behavior to the surface and into the public eye, otherwise it just continues, its bad enough its happening to me, but I could not allow someone to follow in my footsteps. 

  • Hello Oscar 100 

    I understand your dilemma, my employer refused to ease me back into work after I was nearly recovered ,I had been away from work for slightly over six months. I was not strong enough mentally to take them to task at the time. So good luck with your endeavours but please do not put yourself into stress mode. You may  be strong enough without stress ,I hope so ,good luck.

    I was told that the only work available was out of town, unable to cope away from home at that time ,I told them what they could do with their job and I walked away with nothing, I deserved better and so do you.

    i found our local citizens advice centre very useful for all advice re legal formalities maybe they could be an initial source of help for you.

    I retired at 57 a lot worse off financially but happy that I am away from such people.

    good luck  ...be happy ,take care Ron

  • Thanks for taking your time to respond Ron, I am sorry to learn of your experience, this is exactly the sort of thing I am pushing this for, to bring out the crappy behavior to the surface and call it out. Thats what is keeping me focused and managing the stress so far. It is frustrating as I just want to work, but for whatever reasons I am being stopped for having had cancer. 

    This is morally wrong. 

    So I will press on, its all new to me, so trying to work out the practicalities is I suppose the biggest stress, paperwork etc... I am at significant disadvantage (once more) against my employers resources so I could essentially end up looking unprepared etc if it gets to tribunal. But life is risk after all. 

    I am still looking for support out on the forums and looking for those that have had a punt at trying to shed light on this sort of practice

    Thanks again for connecting Ron


  • I must start with a thank you to those who have reached out on this matter; it has been good to hear from you regardless if you have the answer or not.  The key issue for me was going at this thing alone, having had your messages here has helped me to not feel alone in this- so credit where credit is due and thank you kindly for your time and words. These things to me are the MOST valuable commodity that we as cancer patients, survivors and carers can give. So I am honored that you have shared with me your advice and stories. 

    I have some excellent news that I would like to share in return. I hope it is OK to do so given that it is another charities services, though I do not think that there is an obvious conflict of interest? However I leave this to the more expert guidance of moderators to make this decision....

    In short- I can not recommend this service enough!!:

    I have been able to hold a very helpful conversation with an outstanding solicitor. They were able to clearly translate my experience into the legal merits of the case. Provide assurance and remove the obvious anxiety surrounding a potential tribunal by discussing the process- it has been a marvel! 

    I have also spoken with the work team this morning to update them at Macmillan- I am aware that there are obvious issues in terms of policy and governance that they have to adhere to when recommending a service. It is my hope this will be an option for those in the future. For now this link will have to suffice.

    Best of wishes my friends.