Bother with teeth after treatment

Anyone else had bother with their teeth after treatment?? Not sure if it’s a thing or not but so many of my teeth at the back seem to have broken and got holes after having treatment, also, anyone know how long after treatment you can start getting dental work done again?? 

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    I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you're having with your teeth since you've had treatment for cervical cancer.

    I can't answer your questions but thought that it would be an idea to also post this question in the cervical cancer group which I see you're a member of.

    If the ladies over there can't help you could also post your questions in ask a dentist and volunteer dentists Lynsey and Judith will reply within 2 working days.


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  • I have had breast cancer, and later on bowel cancer.and  chemo  for both. Am lucky to be in remission. Have noticed an ongoing and worsening in the condition of my tooth enamel .whichnis now very thin.My dentist said it was partly the chemo, and partly due to extreme dry mouth caused by letrozole, hormone treatment for breast Ca. Avoiding acid drinks and foods,and taking extra care of mouth hygiene. Dentist said repair can be done if it worsens.

    What a pain !!

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