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Anyone taking tamoxifen and feeling really low

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I had idc grade 2 stage 3  2 years ago  had lumpectomy with lymph node biopsy and then had to go back in for node clearance as there was cancer in the nodes, I then went on to have 15 treatments of radiotherapy and have to take tamoxifen for 5-10 years. I have side effects hot flushes, night sweats pain in my joints dryness and now have a thickened womb lining and clusters of fibroids which can be painfull but the last month I have been really down and crying for no apparent reason is anyone else like this 

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Ah the joys of Tamoxifen! I had a quick look at the side effects of Tamoxifen and depression, weepiness is not listed (thats not to say it isn't the Tamoxifen) but anaemia is. I quite often suffer from anaemia and I do find I get weepy and down with it - just a thought.

Of course, it could be a very normal reaction to what you've been through - it doesn't always hit us immediately and I know lots of people on this community have found they wanted counselling a few years after treatment.

Maybe a GP appointment to check for underlying causes such as anaemia - and have a chat about dealing with the feeling down? I also have fibroids encouraged by Tamoxifen and it's not easy dealing with them - it does play on my mind quite a bit - could it be linked to that, maybe?

Take care