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This group is for cancer survivors and people who have finished treatment. It is a space to discuss things like the physical and emotional after effects of cancer, returning to work, or trying to move on with your life.

Move More (DVD and Activities)

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I'm not sure where the best place to post this is (hopefully this is right).  I could find a place for feedback.

If you do not know about Move More its a scheme by MacMillan to encourage being physically active during and after treatment. 

As part of the guide there is a DVD that I have found very useful and use it a few times a week (I find it easier to follow the DVD than written exercises by physio OT etc) The DVD also has a variety of activities so you can only do the warm up on days your less able and has a good number of sitting exercises.  

The move more page to get the DVD and pack is at

The other part of Move More program is the local groups (found under the in your area section of the website).  My local one is in a gym  and they gave me a work out routine tailored to my abilities (I have walking difficulties etc), provided me with 12 free sessions for going to the gym or fitness classes (with a discount after that) and they also gave a second membership so you have someone to go with.  I have mainly been using it to go to functional mobility classes which is a combination of seated and standing exercises to improve balance, coordination, strength and mobility for those with various neurological conditions, which suits me following my brain tumour. 

As they do adapt the program to your needs the listings are a bit vague so before contacting them I was not sure if it was meant for me but now would encourage everyone to look into it as I have found it a great help.

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Hi MacMMM, I think this is an excellent place to put it. 

There was an older post in the chat room Move more that I added to when I got the Move more pack last year, I was thinking that doing it on my own I needed more motivation and thought it would be nice to have a motivational chat group about it. I found the information in the pack useful and that’s what made me take up walking Netball at a gym 10 miles away, they didn’t have the move more sessions and to travel to a gym that did was about 20 miles away. I think if you have access to it use it. Another local gym 6 miles away also had cancer rehab sessions but not under the move more scheme, that had a very useful twice a week session for people to get together at the same time and then to have a social free cup of tea afterwards, not free but at a reduced rate and no time period for the reduced rate so it’s interesting to see what is out there to help if you just keep looking.

I used the move more pack, cancer rehab gym, and Walking Netball to build up as much exercise as I could to get fitter and keep the emotional side of cancer away. Very useful when coming of immunotherapy that had caused fatigue and worrying about the next scan off treatment as to wether my body on its own would keep it away. I also have reduced mobility in my left shoulder which has been improving.

Are you still doing it all ?

Best wishes

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Yes still using the DVD regularly as well as attending gym sessions.  Recommend everyone to give it a try.