Hello to the night shift.

Hi and  and anyone else seeing the night out.

I thought I would join the night shift tonight as I'm struggling to get to sleep.  It's been very erratic recently.  I usually get about three good hours then anything after that is in one to two hour bursts.  Unfortunately it leaves me feeling exhausted the next day so I don't get much done.

I hope that you are both doing as well as you can at the moment.  We are a lot more relaxed here now my MIL has gone back to my wife's sisters where she was before getting trapped by the lockdown.  At least I can crash on the settee now during the day.

All the best,

Gragon  xx

  • Phew! Yesterday was rough. It was the third day post chemo and it seems to be emerging as my nadir. I’d had five naps by 11am (I was up at five in fairness) and spent the rest of the day moaning on the sofa. Bed at 9pm with a fair amount of sobbing, helped by a bowl of chocolate ice cream. I do hope it’s not rinse and repeat today but a day of gentle recovery instead. It’s feeling like an early start again as I’m done for sleep now. 

  • Forgive me for lowering the tone .....

    I misread the fourth word .......

    waiting for my wonderful carers whose job this is

    Finally got access to the site

    Might continue posting nonsense

    Best wishes, strength and love to all 

    Oldies and newies


  • We love your nonsense Sue

    Or I do at least.

    keep posting


  • Hi daloni


    Hello fellow night  shifters. ........

    Sorry to lower the tone

    I misread the fourth word

    While waiting for my wonderful carers

    Got computer and site access back

    Still missing brain cells 


    Yes this is a repeat, couldn't work edit

  • Dear

    Sue, I'm with and the others, we need nonsense during these times.

    Even Alien visitors are welcome to help break up the endless COVID time. My days are blurred together time is taking on new meaning. 

    Strength, Warm wishes and Love to all,

    xx Millie

    Educating myself about this disease.
  • Hi ,

    Just sent you an e mail before seeing this.  Lovely to have you back at the site, typing nonsense or not.

    All the best,

    Love Gragon x

  • Hi Daloni

    sorry you are having a rough time good old chocolate ice cream.Hope you have some better days to come.

    Iwill be joining the night shift again back on the steroids for 3 days.

    Mind I would have had a longer sleep but my dog which is called Peggy decide she needed to go for a wee in the garden

    and yes is happily sleeping ever since SmirkBedBedDogSmirk   Been awake since 1amSmirk

    Each day a blessing stay strong 

  • Hi Daloni,

    I am sorry you felt so rough, & maybe it is the best thing when you feel like that to just drift in & out of slumber.  The chocolate ice-cream sounded good, as you really need something as a comfort. Apologies for not replying sooner but have had a few days going back & fourth to the hospital myself.

    I felt so breathless it was a struggle to do anything, but yesterday I managed to get the pleural effusion drained & they drained off 1.5 litres which has made such a difference. Tomorrow I start chemo unless anything is not good with my bloods.

    It has been extremely difficult sleeping during this hot spell  & even if you do  sleep somehow you don't feel refreshed.

    Hopefully you will be feeling a bit better today.

    Take care,

    Love,Georgette xx

  • Dear ,

    Sorry you had such a rough day. Chemo is so tough on the body, it drains energy no way around it.   Wish I was there to help.  

    Now, re-reading your post, the chocolate ice cream sounds like good medicine.  I hope today is better and the next even better.

    I think of you often.

    Hugs xx


    Educating myself about this disease.
  • HI Night shift 

    Wide awake again Upside downWeary hoped I would pass the 1am no Sparky.Having a bit of problem with blurry vision 

    thought it was glasses not clean but no eyeballs,EyesThumbsdown tone1Thumbsupha

    Lovely weather but a bit hot to sleep use to have no problem but I am too big at the moment and feel the heat.

    Own felt like food always have,

    Hope you are all ok  and pain free. I’ll try again 40 winks Stuck out tongue winking eye

    Each day a blessing stay strong