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Un- shielding

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We took our two-year-old granddaughter to a garden centre where she loved pets corner and water features, but she particularly liked looking in all the ‘little houses’ or as we would call them, sheds. 

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Hi Millie

The "tea rooms" are, in Northern Ireland anyway, full on cafes serving breakfast (some places) then scones, tray bakes etc until 12 noon. A few serve main courses, some light lunches and in the afternoon tray bakes etc again and none after 4pm. 

A good garden centre that we would visit about 35 min drive away serves meals on Thursday and Friday nights until 8.00pm. On Sunday the garden centre is open from 1pm to 6pm, but the cafe opens at noon until 5pm and they serve Sunday main courses from noon until 3pm. The queue for entry begins at 11.30am and by 12.noon there would be up to 100 people queuing! The food is excellent and the desserts are massive but not quite US size. 

The garden side is of excellent quality, plants well kept. I won a competition there for home grown vegetables. The onions swung it for me. I won a selection of products plus £100 voucher (about $125), so not bad. Next time I'm at that garden centre I'll take a few photos. 

Take care and stay safe everyone

Tvman xx

Love life and family.
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You've had some very difficult dilemmas. I've been lucky I suppose, isolated in bedroom with ensuite whilst my husband slept on the sofa. It was difficult shut away but safe though I don't live in a mansion, just the only upstairs facilities previously put in by the council for previous tenants lol. I'm glad you're OK, you're doing well by the sounds of it.

Your school discussion took me back to a conversation, on the phone, i had with my eldest. Two of her kids due back June 1st. This leaving one with special needs & one diabetic along with a toddler at home. She didn't want to hold them back but was torn because of the others. I tried to put myself in her position. If one or both of my girls still at home had been asked to return. Everything you said is relevant & exactly mind conflicting at best, what we discussed last week. She wanted us all to meet up & see each other when allowed, she wanted all her kids safe. In the end she & her husband have decided to keep all their children at home.

My girls at home have been to see a friend now & I too worry about their social distancing. Are they really?!

My husband works in a care home, caught covid-19 & survived. My girls at home are teens, free to go out unsupervised, I've lived in a solitary bubble since March & overnight been told I can join the family & go out, keep your distance but.....

You know best, its difficult but you know. We won't all do the same but that doesn't make it wrong. Do what sits right with you. Nobody gave us a handbook when we became parents, I could have done with one many a time. 

Good luck, take care, you've got this. 

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Hi Everyone, There seems to be so many variations to un-shielding! Here in Scotland,some of our garden centres are reopening this week. We also have several different sized Garden Centres within an easy drive away. One has a separate restaurant, coffee shop and ice cream parlour as well as a huge Garden Centre that sells everything. Outside in the grounds there is a boating pond you can walk round, it is about a 2/3 mile walk and also has its own walled gardens. The one 5 minutes drive from here is Dobbies and they opened on Tuesday, letting in only a few customers at a time to keep social distancing. The coffee shop is opening tomorrow but just for take away, however there is nowhere to have it, except in your car!  Our schools do not return until the middle of August. The plan, at the moment is to have 10 pupils per class (the normal here is 20). Half the pupils will go in on Monday and Tuesday, and have home schooling Thur & Fri, while the other 10 attend school. On a Wednesday the classes will have a deep clean before the change over and then again at the weekend! Of course that is the plan but it could all change at anytime!  

It makes me wonder when I will next be in a shop! Certainly not anytime soon! Stay safe and well everyone and enjoy this lovely cool air we are now having! I just melt in the heat so yesterday was ideal for me!

Love Annette x

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
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Hi Annette

That garden centre with the boating pond sounds great, somewhere to spend half a day. We have a Dobbies too, a 30 minute drive away the only one in Northern Ireland and it has a tropical fish shop inside and for the life of me I can't remember its name. I did a little research on the fish shop and there are 200 odd of them in the UK, mainly in Dobbies' shops.

Our schools don't go back until the end of August some time and no other details yet. My wife is a classroom assistant in one and our schools have a maximum size of 30, Scotland's 20 sounds good to her. My wife was sent home in March by her headmaster to be with me and hasn't been back and doesn't know when she'll start again. It depends on our government's decision on my shielding. 

I also don't know when I'll be in a shop again. This virus has a lot to answer for!

Stay safe everyone

Tvman xx

Love life and family.
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Dear and ,

We do not have wonderful Garden Centers in the US. They sound absolutely wonderful and somewhat magical.

NOW I find out about them when I am shielding and cannot travel. I'm a bit jealous.

I think I would buy a walkable isolation bubble just to see one. Seriously we have nothing so wonderful. Tvman, hope you get to collect your voucher in the near future! 

And both of you are doing wonderful jobs in your gardens.And tvman your raised beds are absolutely marvelous.What a wonderful transition comparison. WOW.

Still need to make that salad, so I am signing off to all the Gang ,



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