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This group is specifically for people with an incurable or terminal diagnosis. Whether you need to talk about dying, or about making the most of your life, you can discuss your feelings openly here.

The elephant in the room

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Hi Maz, how are you doing? Are you home yet? You're so quiet...


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Yes I finally managed to get home and my family have arrived to visit for half term.

I am feeling much better now I am home but I still have most of the symptoms and I really don't understand what really has gone on and what is happening. 

I am due to see the oncologist on 5th March and am feeling I just want to hide my head in the sand for a while. I have a terrible feeling they will try to stop my drugs again. 

I also feel that I do need to address at least some of what happened in hospital with the relevant people but need to take stock first. 

Things are never easy. 

Maz 59 

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Oh well , so it sounds like all what you have gone trough in hospital was for nothing?? That's not right.

I wish you that your family will spoil and love you to make you feel better.

Hugs Pet

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I am glad to hear you’re at home and hopefully being spoiled rotten. Taking stock is a good idea. I find writing things down and putting the writing to one side for a few days before reading it through can help this 

Lots of love