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New here. I was told I had stage 4 lung cancer last week. Since then I've feel as if I've just been hung out to dry

Dance in the rain
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Thanks so much.  Yes, Hubble with me with note pad and pen! 

Sarah x

Dance in the rain
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Appointment was good.  They are hopeful that I have the mutation as you said John because I’m a non smoker and I’m female and I’m young(!). So I am in for a biopsy on Sunday for op on Monday home hopefully Wednesday maybe Thursday.  

So, feeling more positive and hoping and praying that I’ve got the right sort of cancer and it reacts well to any treatment 

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thats sounds positive and good they are helping you so quickly.

good luck for Sunday and Monday.

love Ruth 


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That all sounds very encouraging. I was reading the other week that the fastest growing group of people being diagnosed with lung cancer is young (which is defined as under 50) women who’ve never smoked. It’s partly because there are fewer older smokers these days. 

I do hope you have the “right” kind of cancer and you get a good response to treatment 


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Hi dance in the rain.

Its good you’re feeling more positive now.  When you know something is being done it makes all the difference to how you feel.  Good luck with the biopsy and op.

take care.x

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Dance in the rain, I'm so pleased you had a good consultation and they seem to be on top of things for you! It's far better for them to say to go in for the biopsy on Sunday for op Monday or Tuesday than we will be sending a date in the post for a biopsy, don't you think? It still gives you enough time to sort things out for your hospital stay, but it's not too long that you are left dwelling on it for weeks!

I expect this is why you are feeling more positive because things are moving fast for you, which is great! I'm sure, as you say, you have the right type of mutation or they wouldn't be suggesting a biopsy!

Im sure we will all be thinking about you and waiting to hear how you get on once you are home! Take Care 

Love Annette x

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Dance in the rain
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Thanks mummyb and Annette.  Thank you yes fingers and anything that can be crossed will be very firmly crossed that my positivity proves to be correct