Awake at Silly O'Clock

Hi all u night birds!

So I'm not awake cos I'm on the steroid diet (not this time) but just cos a good book got a grip on me this afternoon. Up in not so bonnie NE Scotland (as in many other areas) its bn peeing with rain all day. So as I'm still on sick leave (due back 2 work fingers crossed Mon) I started yet another book after my Onc appt. Thought it was gonna b a slowey but it dragged me in & kept me going till 4.30am with the odd break 4 food, drink, dogwalking duties, napping & conversation with hubbie.

If u get a chance " The House by the Loch" Kirsty Wark is the guilty item.

Btw I survived my new "juice" on Wed - felt abs rotten Wed night/Thurs wee small hours - so flippin nauseous!!! The actual IV delivery was pretty sore 2 but they managed 2 reduce the pain by around 50% (& prevent me pulling out the cannula) by reducing the flow rate & increasing the saline input - ended up lasting an extra 60mins but such is life.

Onc appt was ok, nothing 2 report as v early days of new treatment but as with last visit discussion hailed around this being a potential last available drug 4 me...bit s***

Hope hubbie takes pity on me & let's me sleep late otherwise I'll b a cranky b****

Night all

WB xx

  • Morning WB. I’m likewise awake, listening to the wind and rain outside. I can’t blame steroids or a good bookm. Just chronic insomnia. 

    Regarding pain at the infusion site. Have you been offered a warming sleeve? I’ve used this very successfully in the past. It’s an electric sleeve that wraps around the arm, a bit like an electric blanket for the limb. Really helps with the pain. 

    I’ve added the book to my reading list. I’ll see if I can pick it up at the airport en route to Slovenia on Monday 


  • Hi WB

    Pity I didn't know that you were awake, we could have had a good convo going. I've been awake all night due to a really crappy day yesterday, sleeping when I shouldn't because of pain the night before, and forgetting to take my meds because I was sleeping at the wrong times and therefore missing 2 alerts by Alexa, the second being an infallible back up to get me to check. 

    Not taking my morphine in time brings me into minor realms of withdrawal which is not good for the body. I was out and about in Belfast, out to meet She Who Must Be Obeyed,and feeling so miserable, wanting to sit on my own toilet (too much info?) and then crawl into bed. The thing is, I really thought I'd taken them, but was assured by my son when I phoned to check, that I definitely hadn't. What a day!

    And now, because I'd slept most of yesterday, I am awake now, I have read every news item on the BBC news website, I don't read novels much, I fall asleep and can't remember what I've read so it's time wasted. Believe me I've tried, I have 6 books from the library for the last 9 weeks and I've renewed them often. Now someone has put a hold on one so I'll have to go to the library with it in 6 or so hours.

    I'm being alerted by the big orange rectangle that 2 people have replied to your post so I'll skip out now and have a read. I hope you're asleep WB, I'm getting tired now Slight smile

    As you say, ciao!

    Tvman xx

  • Hi Daloni

    You awake too? I thought I was going to read two replies but there's only yours. I was guessing that you and Annette would have been the two authors. 

    Speaking of authors (like the link? With your journalistic background, you'll appreciate it), if you do pick up the book on your way to Slovenia-rub it in, rub it. No, you of all people deserve it, you've been through many mills over the last few years- and you recommend it too, I'll have no option but to give it a try. Not that your recommendation wasn't enough, WB. Phew! Crisis averted? 

    There's not a breath of wind here among the drumlins of East County Down. We usually keep the curtains open, there's no one for a mile or so across the fields and then the little lake that we in this part of the world call a lough, then more fields, then there may be a house, don't know because of the drumlins.  I'm looking at my apple tree, laden with apples that are getting larger day by day. Beside it is a little Castlewellan Gold, trimmed two or three times a year. I cherish it because when we bought thirty or so little baby trees from Milton, the school bus driver who took my children to primary school for many years, my daughter who was around five at the time was with me and she was his little favourite girl. There was one other little Castlewellan Gold that needed a little TLC and he gave it her for free. It stands on the slope outside my bedroom window and I think of her every time I see it. She's in Peterborough now, and every time she's home, she checks it out, making sure I'm caring for it. As I have mobility problems now, my son is the one who cares for it mostly. 

    Right, time to try to sleep, tske csre Daloni, and let's hope that you get this holiday and have a fabulous time. 

    Tvman xx

  • Heavens above the weather 4cast was wrong 4 NE Scotland- not a drop of rain did we have!!!!! Dogs were amazed, yet I craved a pair of post Hunter wellies. On the point of ordering then when commonsense tookover (that honestly doesn't happen a lot) & I put the order on hold. Do I need them/r they worth the mkney/am ii turning into a welly snob/wot's wrong with my Mountain Warehouse red wellies??? Will re- assess this 2morrow lol.

    Yes Daloni I did have a rather glamorous wee heat pad thingy on my arm during treatment- nice & cosy.

    Had a real blonde moment 2day - bought new carpets 4 the house & then thought oh s*** wot is my PIN? U can tell it's more often used in real shops under the contact less card limit & online. Thankfully brain went ping & the salesman said " thanx v much".

    Waffle waffle waffle. Probs need 2 go 2 bed with nxt book- a chick lit that doesn't tax my brain.

    Night guys 

    WB xx

  • Hi WB

    I remember a similar thought process to your Hunter conundrum as I considered buying a pair of fancy walking boots. Four years ago. My sister told me to just buy them if I wanted them. They were a good investment as things transpired. Just do it. You’re worth it. 

    Tomorrow (today?) I shall be packing for my holiday I’m so excited. Ten of us are going - two of my sisters, my brother in law, my two nieces, their partners and my girls. We are staying in an Airbnb chalet near lake Bohinj which I’m told is less touristy than the more famous lake Bled and a surrounded by crystal clear rivers for kyaking and swimming. I intend to be a passenger on any kayak trips and hope we will get some games of bridge in. Lots of food, fun and laughter. 


  • Sounds lovely. Have a lovely time .

    i went to lake Bled many many years ago and it was beautiful.


  • Hi WB

    When I tell people my son lives in Aberdeen, they more often than not say oooh, it's cold up there! Then I have to defend the north east of Scotland and say that quite often the north east of Scotland is the warmest part of the UK. I then give the nerdy explanation that when the warm air is coming from the south it travels over the warm land, getting warmer as it moves in the direction of the north east of Scotland. Time to reach over, one hand on their head and one hand below their chin and push their mouth closed.

    However WB, I cannot defend you if you turn into a welly snob. Just indefensible! You ain't that type of gal Slight smile I have a pair of muckboots that were bought to me by a friend. Am I a welly snob? I know they're expensive but half the sole has come apart and it needs Gorilla glue on the job. Meanwhile I will lift my left leg high so that it doesn't catch on the tufty grass. 

    Take care

    Tvman xx

  • Now Tvman, Aberdeen does tend 2 b one of the coldest & gloomiest places ever except 4 the week of my radiotherapy. When I stayed through it was so flippin hot - had 2 make an emergency shopping trip 4 suitable clothing (it was a struggle but I forced myself haha). I stay 66 miles west of Aberdeen & it's a sheltered area that quite often misses the worst of the weather - lucky us.

    Still undecided over the posh wellies. They're still in my online basket...

    So it's the weekend & I've survived my 1st week back at work. Now its just 4 sleeps till daughter returns from the States #excited #reunited #happyfamilies

    Enjoy ur w/end 

    WB xx