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Need a Bag of Peas

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Hi WB, I'm so sorry to hear about your wound troubles. I can empathise with you because when I had a groin dissection the stitches all burst because of infection and was so inflamed there was no way the sides would come together. In the end I was sent home with a Vax machine which worked to pump out everything (yuck won't go into detail) that wasn't meant to be in it. The district nurses came in three times a day for 2 months then twice a day for four months before it started to dry up a bit! It seemed like years at the time but it did eventually dry and join together. I also have problems with cannulas and cringe when I see them coming to put one in! We could be sisters!! If you are going to have regular chemo for a while, could they maybe put a pick line or similar for the duration?  Anyway it won't last forever, it will sort itself out. In the meantime a nice walk (but a shorter one next time) and lunch sounds like a great thing to fill in the time! Take Care 

Love Annette x