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Struggling with everything

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All the best for your radiotherapy today .

Gragon xx

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Thanks for all your advice and kind words. 

Today is the day and the weather is a bit iffy here in Lancashire but has potential. We are hoping for blue skys on the Northumberland coast but will be happy whatever. We are, well, I am packing everything up hubby seems to have gone AWOL muttered something about tyre checks etc. He will be back in time to put it in the car. The kids join us tomorrow morning and my grand daughter has rang to ask if I am excited as she is. My daughter despairs of us she is calm and level headed but my grand daughter is very busy and reactive like me. My grandson is laid back so him and my husband will be doing the eye rolling this week. Only 6 and 7 but you can already see so much character. No doubt we will be happy but shattered by the end of the week. 

Good luck today WB hope you get blastered my grandson would really like a job where he could use his life saver to blast people and get rid of things. If only it could be so simple. 


Maz 59 

Wee blonde
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Happy hols Maz!

And btw I love the term "blastered" - gonna b my word of the moment

WB xx

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Hard working,  bubbly, positive

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Hello Button,

I am not in the same situation as you as I don't have any small children. I know what you mean about going on holiday you need to try please everyone. Sometimes you just have to take charge and say you what you need say. Like I cant do this anymore, it is so stressful at times having to leave the security that your home can mean to you when you are struggling with this horrible illness. We have now decided as a family that my husband will go on his own to visit family in Spain etc and my sister will come and stay with me and take care of me and dogs. Actually I would enjoy the time on my own but if it reassures everyone for a peaceful life let them get on with it. Short break trips are fine for me now.

Hope this helps a bit xxx

Kenzie 12

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Thanks Kenzie. I know what you mean about time on your own.

Good luck WB. I had my RT planning this morning and RT planned for Wednesday.  I also use the term blasted as I think it justifies killing the buggers!

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Hi Maz, Hope you have a terrific time and remember, no one will mind if you let them know you need to rest for an hour or so! Better that than get over tired and then maybe need to go to bed for a day! Just think about if it was someone else, like say your husband said he needed a rest, would you mind? Of course not. The main thing is to have a great time with your family!

WB I hope all went well today! You've been in my thoughts!

Love Annette x