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Three Good Things

fighting girl
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I am so sorry you have missed your holiday daloni 

hopefully you will recover quickly and book something else 

thought i would post my 3 good things

1  my adored dog seems to have recovered from upset tummy issues so he can go to dog minder next week

2 daughter is getting married next week and all the family will be staying together ,don't think it will be relaxing as staying in air b n b with 4 young grandsons ,but very excited

3 feeling more energised as bit cooler today 

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My three good things:

1. Going to a friends wedding tomorrow - never thought I'd see it when they set the date last year, when it was announced, I was upset that I'd miss it but I shall be dancing on the tables (well, shuffling like a slug) like it's my own wedding!

2. Going to a children's theatre production with the children this evening - no major holidays for us this summer, lots of time together doing things like this instead. They're really excited. Precious times.

3. I've managed 4 weeks without the steroids and my head hasn't exploded so assuming all is stable! No nasty symptoms emerging... And my moon face is disappearing! Yay! (That's a big deal, steroid moon face is not a desired look). 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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Hi Clare I'm sure you'll enjoy the wedding all the more because you didn't think you'd make it! However we don't want to hear of any broken bones after you falling off the table! Take it easy and dance all the slow dances! Enjoy the children's theatre, they are usually very special! 

I didn't ever, in my wildest dreams think I'd see our granddaughter in her school uniform and this August she moves into Primary 3. Our grandson also starts school this August and our youngest granddaughter goes to school next year, so that's what I've set my sights on now! Amazing, I still can't quite believe it! Enjoy everything, I do!

Love Annette x

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Do the slug shuffle, Clare. That made me laugh out loud. How was the theatre? 

And your daughter’s wedding, . How wonderful. I used to spend a lot of time thinking about the life events that I would miss. What an utter waste of time. Enjoy every second of it - noisy kids and all. 

My three good things 

1. Every single nurse, doctor, receptionist, radiographer, pharmacist and I can’t remember who else that I met during my recent adventures in hospital was kind, thoughtful and cheery. And they managed this often in the face of downright rudeness from so many patients and relatives. Quite how they keep it up I do not know. 

2. I’m in my own bed. 

3. Rain! Goodness the garden needs it. 


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I was too tired to post last night (ok, off my face on the various medications) so I’m doing it this morning. 

1. I had a day of R&R. Did a spot of sewing and made four pairs of shorts. Before anyone says that doesn’t sound like R&R, I’ll add that the fabric was washed and ironed already, my daughter had left the sewing machine and the ironing board out and I used the simplest possible pattern. 

2. My younger daughter invited two friends for a sleepover. I’m really pleased to see her getting back to her old cheery self after months of serious depression. I went to sleep with their laughter in the background. Oh to be 15 and giggling with my besties. 

3. When I woke in the night (as I always do) I didn’t have the horrible pain that’s been going on for weeks as my kidney flared up. Such a relief. 


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I hope you are feeling better now Daloni. Was it a kidney problem as a result of your months of chemo? You put me to shame when you make 4 pairs of shorts when you’re so unwell. I couldn’t make one!

I hope the wedding goes well Gobaith and the preparations for your daughters Fighting girl.

1. When I walked across the Village Common this morning I felt ‘normal’. I walked at a reasonable pace and I believe anyone looking on would not know what has been going on. I have got so used to people looking at me with a ‘why is she walking so slow/stopping for breath/needing to keep sitting down’ look. I did get tired and in the village I did sit down but it felt good for a bit anyway. Each day I will get further.

2. My emotional state is improving day by day. It’s strange how in just over a week I can have gone from thinking what is the point and I can’t do this again to getting excited about something. I did say at my appointment last Monday that I would do another trial but not as intense as this one was. Apparently I am to be interviewed about it but not sure yet of the details.

3. I’m beginning to tackle some of those small but important to me jobs that I have had to just leave for months.


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Hi all, It is good to read of weddings, children's theatre, walks at a normal pace across the commom and more. Oh, and Daloni, to be in one's own bed and relatively pain free ; that does sound so good

Mythree from yesterday:

1) Son and family's last day with us before leaving for home.

2) A brief visit with wine and snacks in the shade of friends apple trees after the children and grandchildrenhad gone.

3) Standing at the bedroom window in the silence and the dark looking at all the stars before bed.

Today's three:

1) The hollyhocks are in bloom.

2) Brother called and will be here tomorrow. Had planned to come this afternoon.

3) Salmon for supper, with little new potatoes.

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Thanks . I am feeling a whole lot better. I have had kidney issues since April 2018 when a tumour blocked my ureter. There’s a lot of soft tissue damage from repeated operations and the big infection that landed me in hospital last December. The last CT scan I had at the cancer centre showed up threading around the tissue and queried whether this was malignant spread. The A&E consultant interpreted the same threading as inflammation. So who knows? I just want to feel better. 

Anyway. Three good things. 

1. I came downstairs this morning expecting a right old mess in the kitchen made by the sleeping teens. Instead, the dishwasher had been loaded and switched on, the rubbish thrown away and there was a lovely clean worktop ready for making breakfast. 

2. Pancakes for breakfast 

3. A short walk in the park. We saw deer with huge antlers. 

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My three good things today 

1. I can see my hairline! I have always had a widow’s peak - until last year when my hair started thinning after a combo of chemo, vitamin B deficiency and a wobbly thyroid. Then it all came off for the most recent chemo. It’s growing back thicker now and today I spotted that familiar v in my forehead. I almost recognise myself in mirror. 

2. On the same theme, I shaved my legs. First time since before Christmas

3. My little one made the supper. 


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I am glad you are feeling better Daloni. My three good things start with a referral to your message:

1 I giggled when I saw about your widows peak. When I was very young my mother told me I had one. At that young age I didn’t want to be a widow so I got some scissors and cut the hair off!

2. My ‘middle’ daughter took me out with my grandson to a park I’d not been to before and I walked further than I have in ages. It was a lovely day.

3. I cooked steak pie for my youngest and her family. Definitely a success given the second and third helpings and the size of the one year olds open mouth waiting for the next spoon full!


Wee blonde
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My turn for 3 good things:

  1. Back home in my own bed after a week away 4 radiotherapy 
  2. Fab day out y'day with a chum - lunch & a blether, walk along a practically deserted beach in the sun & more blethering, a honeycomb flavoured ice cream whilst blethering some more
  3. Now only 3 weeks till my girl comes home from USA...getting closer 

Hope we all get some more lovely things 2 share with our friends here

WB xxx

Wee blonde

Hard working,  bubbly, positive

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Mmmmm your own bed, friends, anticipating your daughter’s return. What could be better, WB? 

I’ve a tough day (detailed in another discussion). So I’ll end it with my three good things 

1. I was in the right place at the right time today and surrounded by the right people. 

2. I had a lovely chat with my trials pal at the unit today. She’s super posh, wears bright red lipstick and makes me laugh 

3. I’m in my own bed 

Roll in tomorrow 


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Hi all

Not posted here in a while as I want feeling positive

1) I'm having a stint in my hospice just to help with pain and getting me strong...I've shrunk to 40kg!. It's been really positive so far

2) I'm finally sleeping in more then 2-3 hours blocks 

3) the food here is delicious!

Have a great weekend all


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Ah Button

So glad to hear that you are positive. I hope you have a great weekend too, Button, and many more to come.

Tvman xx

My philosophy is simple, love life and family.
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Oh . I’m sad to hear it’s come to the hospice for you but glad to hear it’s a positive experience. How are your hubby and little one faring? 

My three good things 

1. After the recent kidney-related interruptions to Operation Have a Really Great Summer, I’m in Norwich for my daughter’s 19th birthday and my niece’s graduation celebrations. Hurray! 

2. Last night was the first night in over a month that I wasn’t woken by kidney pain. I think the latent infection is finally shifting. 

3. Yesterday’s birthday celebrations. We had a lovely day. Today it’s the graduation party.