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Three Good Things

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I didn’t realise you had the same bike, ! I am so glad you like it too 


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3 good things today

Was telling a friend about this online 'incurables' group and how invaluable it is. She messaged me today and asked if I'd heard from the 'Incredibles' 

That's us!

Met 3 Incredibles for coffee/lunch today. It all came together at the first attempt, what are the chances? Great company, feel so much at home with them.

Saw goslings on the way to the train/bus. Just adorable. 

Have agood w.e. xx

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The incredibles! I love it!

My three good things. 

1. My sister and my best friend came for lunch 

2. I found the perfect teapot for my niece in the charity shop. She’s on a mission to save the planet and is ditching tea bags. 

3. My friend brought her beads with her and made me a necklace, bracelet and ear rings using red and navy hand made glass beads - perfect to go with the trousers and headscarf I made last week 

I am one happy bunny 


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Sounds like fun, I Think an electric bike may be in my future. ;-)

Three good things today

1) going to buy myself an electric bike

2) Got a lot of paperwork finished and off the table today

3) Had a nice long chat with my daughter.

Beautiful day here 


Educating myself about this disease.
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Hi Everyone

Although I haven’t written lately - been a lot more tired this cycle -  I have enjoyed hearing all your ‘goings on’!

1. Managed to drive to B&Q today and bought some plants for my baskets etc. Even put a few in my window box already. Tired me out but will look forward to them flowering all summer.

2. After testing my driving I feel able to drive to hospital tomorrow for CT/MRI/Trial bloods - alternative was/is taxi as hospital changed dates and my children couldn’t arrange days off. So hopefully saving £45 each way!

3. The azaleas and a beautiful haze of dark blue from my ceanothus has brightened up my days recently and my garden is about to burst with roses, peonies, clematis and various other carefully nurtured plants. I love gardening. I think it will be a really lovely month of colour to come. I missed the best last year as I had booked a holiday so this year I am going to just sit here and smile.


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Good luck tomorrow with the drive to hospital. Take your time. 

My logic would work along the following lines. I've just saved £90 so I deserve a treat. Perhaps a nice new seat for the garden so that you can enjoy watching everything Flower and put on a show in the coming weeks. Or maybe just a nice coffee and  cake somewhere on the way home. 

Take care


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just sitting and enjoying the colour is wonderful, . It’s good to slow down, especially when you have no choice

I have a had a busy weekend and my three good things cone from the two days.

1. My nieces and their partners and various friends came for a Eurovision party. I was well looked after as they sorted the food and clearing up. 

2. Today I was too tired to get out but I did enjoy sitting in the warm sunshine playing a dice game with my niece and daughter

3. My daughter’s car broke down - the good thing was that she dealt with the situation herself and didn’t expect me to come to the rescue 


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I hope you weren’t so tired today Daloni. Was it a chemo day? These Bank holidays, lovely as they normally are, have made a nightmare of treatment dates.

1. I had a good drive to and from the hospital today. I’ve always been so independent so it was good to do it all on my own. There were lots of beech tree tunnels on the way and I was thinking of you.

2. Although the MRI took an hour I think I must have conquered my claustrophobia and hate of having to lie still so long as I actually felt myself snore a couple of times! - Despite the machine noise being worse than usual -my usual CD ‘Mama Mia’ was no match today there weren’t so many breathing parts to keep me concentrating. I had to stop myself from laughing when I did.

3. I had a lovely walk around the garden this evening. Every time I notice more plants shooting up. Some I hadn’t thought had survived. The muggy weather is helping everything sprout.


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I hope you enjoyed lunch! It was good to meet up again

Claire x

Flowerlady x
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Had a really good day!

1. Whilst pottering in the garden for most of the day I met up with two of my neighbours who were also pottering and we did a tour of each others gardens and had lovely chats. 

2. My youngest daughter usually parks at mine at school time so we had a cuppa and then  her two eldest stayed and made mud pies while she went shopping.

3. Made a huge batch of chilli to restock the freezer. Yummy for dinner too.

So nice to do ‘normal’ things.


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Ooh that sounds lovely and normal.  I’m so pleased for you.

As for me, it’s my week off! Hurray! I feel like a prisoner on early release. I’ve had some energy the last couple of days so I have got out on my bike and cycled through those green tunnels, grinning ear to ear. 

My three things from today 

1. Riding my bike in the sunshine 

2. A spot of gardening. I cut back the comfrey my sister planted last year, put it in a bucket with some water and shall await developments. It’s supposed to make a good plant feed. I also took some cuttings from various plants for my niece who is about to move into a new house with a garden. 

3. Spaghetti bolognese for supper. Mmmmm. 

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Hi Daloni, I am pleased to hear that you are getting out and about on you’re ebike. Isn’t this warm sunshine lovely I am enjoying a bit of gardening too. I have been forking over the soil and removing couch grass roots! They go on forever and it only needs a little left in the ground for you to have loads to remove again. Got small shrubs to plant but for the sake of my back I am only planting a little at a time.

Comfrey. I used to use it a lot when I had an allotment and it worked really well as a feed, but be warned once it has rotted down and is ready for use it stinks. I mean REALLY stinks. The smell lingered for days over the allotment, 

Three good things.

Had afternoon tea yesterday with group of friends, celebrating a 70th birthday. There was so much good food and we were all stuffed afterwards.

Lovely warm sunshine and it makes most people smile more.

Watching the birds antics in the garden. Had a pigeon sat in the bird bath for ages yesterday. It looked as if he was too hot and was using the bath to soak his aching feet!

love and hugs

Maggie xx

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Hi all, Back from city. Happy reading of your gardens, of beech tunnels, of your 'normal activities',Sussex Ovarian, of you daughter being able to manage with the car breakdown herself, Daloni (that must be reassuring!)

My time here necessarily brief, as appt looming.

Three GoodThings:

1) Lovely to be home after beautiful drive to and from hospital.

2) Heart still warm with memories of visit with brother.

3) My lilac and neighbors  blooming. The fragrance everywhere.

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I do so enjoy this thread.  We are home from holiday and my first good thing is being home.  I always love coming home. 

2) my flower border is looking good and it's the 1st year I've not done any veg, so I'm really pleased

3) watching calli do the actions from who stole the cookie jar and at the same time having a heated debate on which order to do a cream scone with friends lol

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Welcome home

My three good things

1. My girls and I had a short walk through Knole Park after supper to our local for pudding. We sat in the sunshine and ate delicious things. I had poached pear with red wine sorbet. 

2. A really great afternoon nap. 

3. After listening to my big girl’s litany of woe from a horrible day at work, my little girl said “ok. That’s the bad stuff. Now three good things from today”. It helped.