A little bit of good news for me...

Hi all, 

I'm nervous about sharing my good news as I know things are tough for so many at the moment, but I hope this encourages some and I wanted to tell people who would really understand the impact on me as this roller coaster cancer ride is hard work. 

At Christmas I was hospitalised with a nasty gastro bug and was told it was my immunotherapy treatment failing and I'd not be given more. This was a last attempt to find something as my cancer was growing rapidly out of control and I was referred for palliative hospice care. 

I had to have scans last week following my illness at Christmas to check what was going on. Well, my consultant rang yesterday to tell me that not only is the treatment working but it's extraordinary and has already managed to eradicate cancer that was in my pelvis, abdomen and lungs - all clear! My brain mets have gone from 5 lesions to 1 and my main peritoneal tumour has shrunk significantly. I have never been given any good news at appointments or scan reviews as everything has always grown on treatment to date. I'm shocked and delighted and nervous it's all a big sick joke but finally I have a little bit of hope that I have extra time to enjoy my children for potentially much longer than I was expecting! 

The brain is still a worry and the tumour is still there but I'm so glad there's a reduction in the rest - it feels like many Christmas's rolled into one. 

I was told I was not suitable for immunotherapy and had to seek second opinions for this treatment - so glad I did. 

Clare x

  • I can only imagine how this must feel for you. I’m just starting the journey with two kids and I’m the same age as you. You must be absolutely overjoyed at this news! Thanks so much for posting it has given me hope! You sound like you deserve this break enjoy every second (although after what you’ve been through I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that!) congratulations! X

  • Hi MissAnabel, I just wanted to say that there are a lot more positive outcomes these days than there has been for many years! Lots of these new treatments work well for quite a long time to either slow down or shrink cancer! Where there's life there's hope! Be assured miracles DO happen! You haven't written any information on your Profile Page, so I don't know what type of cancer you have. Are you on treatment at the moment?

  • Ah I must do that! I’ve just been diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer with follicular variant. Bit scared but hearing lots of positive stories so starting to feel better about it. Thanks for the reassurance I’m trying to stay positive and have been hearing lots of positive stories. I think once the initial shock has gone I am starting to get used to it. X

  • Hi Miss Annabel

    sorry to hear about your diagnosis.  Yes the first few weeks can be very scary and you can’t seem to think of much else, but believe me after a while it gets easier to stay positive (thanks in a good part from reading posts by these wonderful people) and also you can go quite a few hours without thinking cancer.

    lots of love to you and don’t &or get w3 are here day and night if you need someone to talk to



  • Oh Clare that's just wonderful.  Good news.  And time.  So very elated for you.

    Long may what works, work!



  • Hi

    Thank you for this wonderful news.  I am being considered for lenvatinib with pembolizumab on a clinical trial if that is the side that I get.  You have given me hope.  I have three children and only hope to be here for them, they are my world.  

  • Hi

    that looks a promising combo - weaken the cancer cells and hit them with the immune system. This kind of approach is being used more and more. I’m on a similar combo trialling chemo plus a whizzy new tablet designed to kick start the immune system.

    excuse me if I’m wrong but I don’t think I’ve seen you post here before? Welcome - and I hope to get to know you better. I’m a mum too so I know what you mean. If you click on where my name is highlighted you can see my story (as it were) in my profile. Maybe yih could fill in yours too so we can know better how to support you? 


  • XxxYY, A warm welcome! I'm pleased to hear you are being considered for a trial. Lots of these new combos are working well!                 How soon will you find out if you are to start the trial! Please keep us posted!

    Clare, has your good news sunk in yet? I think whether it's good or bad news, it does take time to fully sink in! I'm sure you feel as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders but at the same time you can't quite believe it's true!!

  • Hi Gobaith, sorry to take so long to reply to your answer to me. I don't get all the email notifications at times frustratingly and I've just searched for it. 

    The Pembrolizumab sounds great and I have made a note of it for if my treatment stops working. I was told Immunotherapy doesn't work on brain mets so now I can show them yr reply to me and say yes it does! 

    My PARP Inhibitor sounds very similar and I just get tired and it causes my Haemoglobin to drop and I get breathless on exertion. I still managed to go on my step machine this morning tho and am back at work for 10 hours a week. 

    Fingers crossed our drugs continue to work for us for a long time. 

    Best wishes

  • Hey Jan,

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