A little bit of good news for me...

Hi all, 

I'm nervous about sharing my good news as I know things are tough for so many at the moment, but I hope this encourages some and I wanted to tell people who would really understand the impact on me as this roller coaster cancer ride is hard work. 

At Christmas I was hospitalised with a nasty gastro bug and was told it was my immunotherapy treatment failing and I'd not be given more. This was a last attempt to find something as my cancer was growing rapidly out of control and I was referred for palliative hospice care. 

I had to have scans last week following my illness at Christmas to check what was going on. Well, my consultant rang yesterday to tell me that not only is the treatment working but it's extraordinary and has already managed to eradicate cancer that was in my pelvis, abdomen and lungs - all clear! My brain mets have gone from 5 lesions to 1 and my main peritoneal tumour has shrunk significantly. I have never been given any good news at appointments or scan reviews as everything has always grown on treatment to date. I'm shocked and delighted and nervous it's all a big sick joke but finally I have a little bit of hope that I have extra time to enjoy my children for potentially much longer than I was expecting! 

The brain is still a worry and the tumour is still there but I'm so glad there's a reduction in the rest - it feels like many Christmas's rolled into one. 

I was told I was not suitable for immunotherapy and had to seek second opinions for this treatment - so glad I did. 

Clare x

  • Hi Gobaith, I've not been online for a couple of days and have just read your AMAZING news. Always let us know the good news as well as the bad and it gives everyone Hope, that's the lift we all need. It just shows it's always worth getting a second opinion! Well done! 

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Wow I am so happy for you Clare. I am new to all this.

    I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in June last year. I was heart broken and still am. I am only 41 years old with 5 kids! 

    It had spread to my liver but I am on chemotherapy tablets on my 7th cycle and it seems to be shrinking the lesions in my liver. CT scan showed the tumour the same size no bigger but the scan before that showed it had shrunk a bit. 

    Caroline x

  • Hi Clare,

    So pleased to read your post and hear your news.  More of the same please.

    love Gragon xx

  • Newyddion bendigedig, Clare.  Wonderful news.  I am also Welsh - from just outside St Davids. Are you anywhere near?

    Its always good to hear such encouraging news.  My brother has just been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer and hopefully will have immunotherapy after he completes chemo and rads (he had his first chemo today) 

     I myself was diagnosed with stage 4 endometrial cancer 4 years ago and  have been so lucky in having had a much better response to treatment than expected

    May you continue to have good news.  

    With very good wishes,

    Ros  x

  • So pleased for you Clare that is such good news.  Gives me hope xx

  • Clare that really is great news. Sometimes we just can't believe when we get some luck.

    Go girl!

    WB xx

    Wee blonde

    Hard working,  bubbly, positive

  • Clare, that is the best news! Congratulations!!! I hope it's sinking in and you can breathe easy for a long time to come and enjoy your children. So happy for you xx

  • Oh Clare! I’ve not been online much the last couple of days so I have just read your incredible news. Today is my birthday  and this feels like the best gift to read how well you’ve responded. Long may it last.

    Never be afraid to share good news. It’s what we all want to hear - for others and for ourselves. My oncologist has looked into immunotherapy for me - I’m MSI stable so Pembro isn’t likely to work and I’ve got as far as consenting to a trial of a new type of agent twice but fallen at the last hurdle. She reckons we will get there one day. 

    Live in hope 

    much love 


  • Happy Birthday !  Hope you have a great day.


  • My goodness! Extraordinary, and gives so much hope. Enjoy feeling good, you deserve it. Every day can bring good news. 


    Flowerlady x