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This group is specifically for people with an incurable or terminal diagnosis. Whether you need to talk about dying, or about making the most of your life, you can discuss your feelings openly here.

Keeping strong

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Hi all 

My first post after my terminal diagnose a couple of years ago.

Any help with tiredness , I could sleep all day but need to keep going .

I was told max time I have is 10 years this is hard to look at 

I have a fantastic wonderful wife I am so scared of leaving her along with our 2 children and grandchildren. People say keep positive ! Yuk is all I can say without swearing 

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Hi Bob

Welcome to the group, though  really sorry you have had to  join us.

I can not really answer your question.

I was also diagnosed two years ago and have been on treatment ever since, some days i am so weary plus a few years older which does not help.

I just take each day as it comes, some days i do nothing, bu i am still here.

Its a hard road we are on and every one copes in their own way.

You will find a lot of support from the group we are all here for each other.

We have a moan, a rant, a laugh and sometimes we do swear, what ever you fill like on that day.

Every one is here for you if only to listen. I have found the group a god  send at times.

I always know some one is here if only to listen.

So welcome and will catch you soon.

Take Care Ellie xx

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Hi Bob, Welcome to the group. I'm sorry to say, tiredness and fatigue seem to go hand in hand with the diagnosis. As Ellie said, it's a case of taking each day as it comes, some days are a bit better than others, so those are the days you tend to do a bit more.  It's a case of trying to pace yourself but not overdoing it on the better days. 

It may be an idea to speak to your oncologist or GP and explain how tired you are as it could be to do with medication you are taking (if you are taking any) could be making you tired. It sounds as if it would be worth while talking to a professional for practical help. The one thing you do know, now you've joined us here, is you are not alone! Love Annette X 

Love Annette x

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Hi Bob

Welcome and I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis and tiredness. Actually, it is more than tiredness, isn't it? I live with ongoing fatigue and everything goes tits up if I overdo things so I have to pace myself. The things I do to combat or manage it beyond pacing myself and building in rest times into my day are making sure I drink enough water (if I start to feel rough, the first thing I do is reach for a glass of water) and to make sure I get a daily walk, even if it is a short one. Fresh air is a real tonic and counterintuitively gentle exercise helps me get some energy back. 

There is some information on fatigue over on the main site - you can click here to go straight to it. 

And if you want to swear (as we all do, it seems) then do have a read of this thread about the subject and join in :-)